Sunday, November 29, 2009

LoL | Michael Graham Asks Laura Flanders "Are You Literate?"

Michael Graham questioned Laura Flanders, "Are you literate?"

Did she really quote Alan Grayson?

On numerous occasions (well just about every day since I seem to be surrounded by libs) Ive found it quite difficult to hold a genuine debate or engage in a back and forth because our arguments are defended on different levels. While I seem to be defending my stance with facts, the other side throws some crap at me about emotional nonsense. It’s not that I don’t care about feelings or I’m a cold person, its quite the opposite. The point is, you cannot base arguments on emotions, it’s utterly ridiculous and beyond that, passing laws or creating policies based on such emotions guarantee the formation of additional difficulty rather than solving the problem. Decisions based on emotions fail to consider the outcomes. Everything is a trade-off, solutions are essentially non-existent. It's a Fallacy.

Michael Graham was clearly frustrated as she was trying to make an emotional plea, confusing the truth for her version of it. Whatever makes her feel good...because remember, for the left, that's the most important thing.

(credit to Newsbusters)



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