Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blah | Obama Speech in Shanghai

First of all, who writes his speeches because they are horrible!
I’m confused, is he President of the U.S. or China?
Also, why must he go around apologizing for the U.S. all the time!? The apology tour began at 12:18 am eastern this time, not long before his speech began! He brought up the civil war, women’s suffrage, issues with immigrants being embraced, and “separate but not equal” treatment of African Americans.
He also brought up himself as he always does! He made it clear that” someone like me” 50 years ago would have trouble even voting.
Let me make this incredibly clear, I don’t want to pretend that our history never occurred…our history, the good and bad are real parts of the American story. I’m proud that we work hard to right the wrongs of our past and never do I want to forget our mistakes. We are doomed to repeat it otherwise. Moving on, we don’t have to have our President be the one to point out our biggest flaws, specifically while speaking in another country! It’s absolutely absurd. This is not the first time and I expect it will not be the last!
Interesting that he did not bring up human rights! Well it was not surprising but it sure as heck is sad that we aren’t that beacon of light anymore for freedom seekers.
…He shunned the Dalai Lama during his visit to D.C. and now he is once again bowing down, this time to China!
During the Q&A segment, Obama now says the U.S. must be modest!
Psh...what would he know about modesty?


Anonymous said...

Youre right, modesty he knows nothing about!


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