Sunday, November 8, 2009

“Why Criminalize Those Who Want to Opt-Out?” of the Healthcare Bill Asks Rep. Roskam

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Illinois) posed a truly outstanding question for those in support of this healthcrap bill. If the bill is so great then why do you have to force Americans to join? As Rep. Roskam questions, why criminalize those who choose to opt-out? Better yet, why aren’t those same public servants (well they’re supposed to be public servants, instead its become apparent that many of them, not all, but a lot our elected officials regard themselves to be of a higher class much like monarchs) signing up for this plan themselves. Once again, if this plan is soo great then why arent they jumping at the opportunity to be on it! Yeah, that'll be the day!
This health-crap bill not only ensures an increase in our taxes but now our tax dollars are going to be spent arresting Americans who refuse to sign up. How much more ridiculous does this have to get for the other half to get out of their fantasy world and realize that this bill chips away at our freedom. Is it worth it to trade freedom and individualism for promises that realistically cannot be kept? Sadly, the bill passed the House 220-215 this past Saturday. Amazingly, even with a democratic majority, the bill narrowly passed though at this point, what matters is not the numbers but rather the fact that the bill passed in general. They are taking Americans, a more accurate description would be dragging Americans, while they are kicking and screaming in opposition, down the road of socialism. Its actually a bit like kidnapping if you think about it…the majority of Americans, about 72% according to a CNN poll, oppose this particular bill and yet the Democrats, much like the mullahcracy in Iran, turn their noses at the citizens and go on their business. After all, (in their opinion) they know what’s best for us even if we refuse to accept it.



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