Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY-23 Hoffman Conservative In Name & Values | Fred Thompson Ad

Long story short, NY-23 has a special election taking place next week. The district is a pretty conservative district and there should be absolutely no reason why we would lose it, oh except for the candidate running as a “republican” happens to be further left than the democrat running for this seat. This lady is absurd and if I didn’t know any better, I would say that this is no mistake. For some reason, this to me seems as an intentional placement to have a far left-liberal win in a conservative district by simply removing the ‘D’ and replacing it with an ‘R’. By the way, the frauds name is Dede Scofaazza-whatever. This acorn loving, union hugging, far-left candidate needs to go running back to her friends on the left because we don’t want her! Well thanks to Doug Hoffman, who has now received national press (due to this dilemma); the people in NY-23 have an ACTUAL conservative to vote for. This is race is now a 3-way one with Doug Hoffman running as a conservative, not just in values but also in name.
We also need to applaud conservative pundits and politicians who have stepped it up and endorsed Hoffman. He has a very good chance to win and the polls are actually closing in as people are paying more attention.
Now I’m hoping that Dede drops out but because I don’t think that I can count on that, I’m glad that Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Fred & Geri Thompson, and many other have stood up and spoken out.
To the republican establishment that thought they could get away with this..ha ha! (Yes, I realize that’s a bit childish but deserved)
Here’s Fred Thompson’s ad supporting Hoffman! Go Fred!

Hiatus | I'm Back

Sorry, I was very busy this last week which is why the blog has been a little skimpy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anita Dunns Husband New Job In The Administration | What?

It was very dramatic! Watching Glenn Beck this evening, the phone rang (GB's tip line) and after Beck spoke with someone on the other side of the line, anonymous of course, he puts the phone down and makes a somewhat shocking announcement. I'm not sure whats going on but if I heard what I think I just heard...
Anita Dunn's husband is working in the Whitehouse now? Does he look to Mao too? Is he another Mao lover?

I hope I'm wrong...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mika Brzezinski On MSM Bias "We're All Liberals & Democrats"

Mika Brzezinski deserves kudos for stating the truth about liberal bias in the mainstream media. While normally you shouldn’t get an extra applause for telling the truth as it is something that you should be expected to do any way, the extra praise is due to her openness while appearing on MSNBC, the most notoriously left-wing network.

Mika said that the problem the other networks (nbc, cbs, abc, cnn) was "the make up of the population within those networks perhaps maybe from predominantly one world view which is an issue".

"We're all liberals and democrats"
Glad that they are sticking up for Fox News while the President is trying to go after them.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cuccinelli Stumps Shannon On AG Responsibilities | Like it

(you have to watch the video posted below, its absolutely hilarious when the candidate tries to avoid answering a question and this time, the audience doesn’t let it go)
Ken Cuccinelli (R), candidate for Virginia attorney general, came out on top after a recent debate against opponent Steve Shannon (D). During this particular debate format, candidates are given an opportunity to ask a question of their opponent. Ken Cuccinelli went first and asked Shannon to name each division of the AG’s office and explain what each does. If you are running for a specific position and asking your constituents to trust you, the least you could do is to research your would-be responsibilities and duties in that job. It would be one thing if you attempted to answer the question but the fact that Democratic candidate, Steve Shannon, avoided the topic all together shows his inability to properly prepare for such a position. Shannon always regurgitates the same message to the media having to do with Ken needing on the job training (which is absolutely ridiculous since Ken has experience as an attorney, small business owner, and on the legislature). Seems like Shannon doesn’t even know what the job entails! What’s that about on the job training Mr. Shannon? Yeah, try again.

I’ve met Ken Cuccinelli and I can personally tell you that he is a genuinely good guy who really cares about Virginia. If you add that to his record of standing up for the constitution and being fearless in his pursuit of doing what’s right, Cucinelli takes the cake!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breaking | Rep. Robert Wexler Resigning

The Miami Herald is reporting that Rep. Wexler (D-FL) is planning on announcing his resignition tomorrow. Though it has not yet been confirmed, sources say that he is stepping down to take on a new position heading a think tank on foreign policy.
If this is breaking news is indeed true, Governor Charlie Crist is required by Florida law to call on a special election for his replacement.
Syonara Mr.Wexler.

Ridiculousness | Michelle Obama Gets Her Own Action Figure

Beyond Ridiculous! Just tell me why? Who would want one? Honestly, I wouldn't want one even if it were handed to me for free! I don't mean to be rude but I don't understand why?
I don't idolize my leaders, they serve during their term and then they are out. I love my country and I respect the office of Presidency...Ill never idolize a President. Even if I were to get all gushy over an elected official, it definitely would be someone who would deserve to be gushed over...hmm perhaps someone who fought for our country and loves and respects our country? If any couple deserves action figures it would be the McCain's. John served the military, was held captive for years while his wife Cindy has devoted her life to charity and helping the poor. Whatever my thoughts are about McCain's views, if anyone deserves to have an action figure...it would be him.
The same company that created the Barack Obama action figure, Jailbreak Toys, designed the Michelle Obama action figure. The company believes that Michelle will do even better than the Barack action figure which sold about 200,000. Like I said before, I don't understand why anyone would want this but then again, Obama-mania is an illness and being obsessed with all things Obama is one of the prevalent symptoms.
The company goes as far as to point out her oh-so-tone arms because we all haven't heard enough about them...I'm sorry but get a cardigan already! I still don't understand what they are talking about but that's okay?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whiners | WH Wont Stop Crying About Fox News

Because I am a good person (well at least that's what my friends tell me) I feel like I need to warn you in advance. The video posted below is 9 minutes of pure bull from the WH administration bitching about Fox News' coverage of the President. As you know, the first amendment is no longer in play; no one is allowed to report facts.
As you can imagine, CNN is on the WH ‘nice list’ unlike Fox News who is on the ‘naughty list’, who would of thought the President and Santa have something in common (bad joke...in case you didn’t get it, they have the lists in common…ha ha). After all, they are the network that fact checked the SNL spoof on Obama! Take note, how to get on the good side of this administration…display your willingness to promote the President and administration, even though you may be risking credibility and public embarrassment. Example… a major network fact checking a comedy routine. In their defense, maybe they didn’t know it was a parody?
Anyway, do they think that crying about unfavorable coverage will cause the public to sympathize with them? Someone should advise them to halt any future whining sessions. I pity anyone who has to hear this lady daily, talk about irritating! I don’t mean to be unkind but I want my 9 minutes back.
Question...were any of these people present or paying attention to the news in the past few years? Compare Bush's treatment to Obama’s and you will notice the incredible difference in coverage. Most of the media is in love with Obama while the coverage of Bush was hostile and disrespectful. The things that were said and done to him were an absolute embarrassment to the journalistic profession. It’s interesting that the same people who are crying foul now are those very same people who not only did not support Bush during the war, they were vicious and nasty. In some respects, I am happy that it happened because anytime these people want to whine to CNN or some other left-leaning news organization, I just think back to the treatment of the previous administration. Since the word ‘fair’ is thrown around by the left constantly, let’s be ‘fair’ and give Obama as much respect as was given to Bush. Though that would be fair, thankfully, we are not as disrespectful as the left. That being said, I don’t care if the President is a Republican or Democrat, I have every right to disagree with his policies and can choose not to support his plans! Furthermore, doing so does not make me racist so don’t pull that bullshit with me!

In the clip she admits to punishing Chris Wallace by skipping his show on the Presidents healthcare tour. On a totally different note, Britney Spears is trying to catch up to the President number of tours! Seriously, this guy is played out and it hasn’t even been a year yet.
The grab for state-run media is in full swing. Get ready folks…it begins with this, first they punish any dissent, then net neutrality which is socialism for the internet (which by the way has also begun), and last but not least…talk radio with the unfairness doctrine. We elected someone from Chicago, the city with one of the worst records of political corruption and now we are experiencing the methods in which they use to defeat their opponents. They use their powers, influence, money, or whatever to take them out of the game. Got to love the Chicago way!

SNL Mocks Obama Nobel Peace Prize Win

Saturday Night Live spoofed Obama on his Nobel Peace Prize Award. (video posted below)
There isn't much to say on this one except for the Nobel peace prize obviously being used as a tool by the Norwegians to weigh in on our policies. How much peace did Obama bring about in his first 2 weeks of Presidency which is when he was nominated for the Nobel award. Considering the last few winners of the prize (though I hesitate to call it a prize anymore as they have now tarnished the whole idea of it with this nomination and win), which included former VP Al Gore for his crap enviro-garbage BS and former President Jimmy Carter the 'peanut farmer' nut, I think its safe to say that this group is bias and clearly has their own leftist agenda.
Though it may not have been their intention, they have embarrassed the President and also proved many on the right to be correct in their assertion of Obama-mania.
Good going...!
That's all we need...to stroke his ego a little bit more!

Monday, October 5, 2009

CNN Actually Fact Checks SNL Obama Skit | What The F?

I was originally looking for the Saturday Night Live spoof on Obama to post. I was beginning to write about how SNL finally mocked the President after a long time of favorable coverage, even while they mocked other political figures, they pretty much steered clear of Obama. Having watched this CNN video below, I am in utter disbelief that a news program would fact-check a comedy routine! All this time that SNL has been doing political parodies from Bush to Reagan, both Clintons, Sarah Palin on numerous occasions, CNN has never done a fact check prior to this. Did they fact check the numerous Palin spoofs where her comments were clearly taken out of context? Considering the above facts, one can only assume that CNN must be racist! Isnt that what the other side would cry out if the tables were turned so it’s the only conclusion that I can come up with.
I may be wrong because I don’t have the same access CNN has to worldwide information but I’m pretty sure that there are important things happening around the world that need some light shed on. If they were that hungry to fill their news slot then I’m sure they could have covered something news-worthy, say the protests and fraud still going on in Iran…maybe?
So CNN was already losing credibility but I’m afraid it’s declining at a faster rate than once thought! Last I checked, CNN was trailing behind Fox News (as always) but surprisingly, CNN was even behind MSNBC!
Advice to CNN, get your act together, your bias is showing and it’s ugly!
Alternatively, I find it kind of funny because it’s absolutely pitiful!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

CNN's Tony Harris Stunned..."Chicago is Out?"

Pay attention to the contrast in his mood at the very beginning before the results and after. His tone quickly changes.
Though it was amusing, I post this for no other reason than to demonstrate the personal and emotional investment the mainstream media and their so called ‘professional’ journalist have in this President. CNN’s Tony Harris was so excited in the beginning which turned to outrage and annoyance once the results were announced.
Sounding a bit temperamental Harris repeatedly questioned the decision,
"Chicago is out?”…“Chicago is out?”…“Wait a minute. Chicago is out?”

How dare they turn him down!

You Lie | Michelle Obama's Fib To The IOC

Perhaps Michelle Obama …umm…still thinking...ahh what the heck, I really can’t come up with a excuse as to why the First lady would blatantly lie to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about a childhood story during her pitch. Seriously, I tried to come up with a reason why she would tell this particular lie but I just couldn't because I don't understand it... except for it becoming a pattern from, not necessarily her or her husband (all the time), but this administration. I tried but what else can you say? The first lady told a fib.
(video posted below)
During her pitch to the committee, Michelle Obama said;

“Some of my best memories are sitting on my dad’s lap, cheering on Olga and Nadia, Carl Lewis, and others for their brilliance and perfection.”

Really? Wanna try again?
Carl Lewis' first Olympic try was in 1984 which would make First Lady Michelle Obama 20 years old at that time. Unless she was still sitting on her fathers lap at 20 years old watching the games, which is doubtful, I think its safe to assume that the story is false. (insert Joe Wilson outburst here..."You Lie").
It seems like the Obama’s have no problem with lying as long as it is useful at that given moment to serve their purpose. Obama himself has also recalled stories in the past, on the campaign trail specifically, that didn’t quite match up on the timeline. I’m not trying to pick on the Obama’s and its def not for any other reason that a lie is a lie and it has now been pointed out. That’s all.
Also, the props go to Michelle Malkin for originally uncovering this story.

(the fib takes place from 1:10 - 1:20, just in case you wanted to fast forward to it)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jay Leno Makes Fun Of Letterman Scandal | Rightly So

Full disclosure here, I’ve never been a fan of letterman. I never found him funny. If I was watching late night talk show, it was always Jay Leno. I didn’t care for him before and now I find David Letterman to be repulsive! The way this man goes after Sarah Palin almost weekly, not to mention her daughters is sick. This week, Letterman announced his involvement in a sex scandal and admitted to having sex with his staff. Well, Leno slapped Letterman around in his opening monologue on Friday. All in all, he hit Letterman 5x. (video posted below)
Leno said;

"Settle down. If you came here tonight for sex with a talk show host, you've got the wrong studio."

"I'm happy to say that I've never had a sexual relationship with any of my staff members." (As a band member throws down his drumsticks and storms off stage).

While Letterman's actions are predictable, I would really like to ask the women what the heck they were thinking! Ugh…the very thought! Pardon me; I need a moment to swallow my food back down! I think this proves my theory to be correct as I’ve always said that Letterman’s personal obsession with Palin is a sexual one. I wish it weren’t true but I honestly have to say that I Think he wants her…bad! The problem is, Palin is way above his league and he knows that (oh, and the fact that she’s married and has morals, something Letterman clearly lacks).
Any way, mad props to Leno!
Just for fun...while Jay Leno and David Letterman were head-to-head on late night, Leno always had higher ratings. It is the first time that Letterman is doing better at that time slot because Leno is no longer there!
Ugh Letterman…nasty!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ridiculous Analysis | Stimulus Working?

Anyone who claims that the stimulus is working just might be certifiably nuts. Well it’s not really surprising that the person making such a wild accusation, Robert Reich, just happens to be employed by the Obama administration as an economic advisor.
(the video clip is posted below)
During the CNBC interview with Reich discussing the large unemployment numbers, he actually claimed that;

"the stimulus package is the thing that is actually keeping the economy up, keeping people employed."

Who actually believes him? The others on the program certainly don’t! You’ll notice the hosts, Francis and Kudlow, after hearing the outlandish statement, look at each other and laugh.
Sure the Vice President made the same outrageous claim but that’s good ol' Joe...we know he is not a rational person. It’s understood that all his comments be ignored. Unfortunately, as an advisor to the POTUS, you’re supposed to have some credibility or at least pretend to if you’re going to be defending the administration on the news. Maybe next time, he could start with a lighter joke…one that’s not so funny seeing as how Americans are losing their jobs. Unemployment numbers came out today showing that unemployment is at a 26 year high…Still think the stimulus is working?
You know, when the VP or even worse, the Presidents own economic advisor, make statements like this, it’s awfully offensive. This is the advisor of economic policy to the POTUS and if they think the country is in good shape and the stimulus worked then this administration and President are more off than I could have ever conceived. Is it stupidity or is it plain arrogance or maybe they just don’t care? It’s the era of “hope and change” folks. Half the country took the bait and now the whole country is paying for their naivety!
This administration and democrats in congress need to forget about healthcare and fix the economy! I mean this is infuriating! Then again, how dare we bore the administration with real issues like this when he’s got better things to do…like make a plea on behalf of his corrupt cronies in Chicago to the Olympic committee! Which I may add…failed at that too!

What is it going to take for them to pay attention…or is it just maybe exactly what they want? Rahm Emmanuel, chief of staff, proudly exclaimed that a good crisis should never go to waste! I hope this is not true but every day I’m moving closer to that conclusion until I’m given a reason not to…like a plan to fix the economy. This time, if they do present a plan, we hope they will take it seriously! We want a real proposal, one that has the ability to work! Instead of creating a so-called ‘stimulus’ bill and throwing money at your political allies as payback, lets present real ideas like lifting the burden on small businesses in order for them to hire more workers. Small businesses provide 2 out of every 3 jobs in our country. Why are the unions more important to the President than small businesses who should have been the focus of the original bill? I’m sure you can answer that question yourself.
Additionally, we could suspend federal income taxes for 3-months so that the money goes directly into everyone’s pocket in order to “stimulate” the economy since that’s what a stimulus is supposed to do.
Via newsbusters, they correctly question the rationality;

Is this how the Obama-loving media are going to report today's terrible economic news: it would be worse without the stimulus package, and it will only get better if we pass healthcare reform?

It is clear that this President has all his priorities screwed up!

Reality Check | PSA Mocking Overpaid Celebs

So funny yet so true! Parody mocks overpaid celebs who make public service announcements on subjects that they have no business addressing...

People are sick of the Lib Hollywood crowds interference in affairs that they have no business doing so. If you're an entertainer...stick to entertaining and stay out of politics!

And The 2016 Olympics Goes To...Not Chicago

Well it definitely didn’t go to Chicago...even after the President, his wife, and even Oprah tried to make a plea to the committee on the cities behalf. I guess the committee didn’t want some of that "change".
Wait...they didn’t bow down to 'the One'? Obama couldn’t convince them? I was sure that if the President made the trip to Copenhagen then in some back room deal, he had to have been told that Chicago would be chosen. Otherwise it not only makes the Presidency look small as he is dabbling in things beneath him, whats worse, it diminishes his effectiveness on the world stage. He looks weak. Others may try to diffuse this by stating that other leaders were also present and have gone in the past. As true as this may be, a United States President hasn’t and if we start trying to imitate other leaders then we wouldn’t be the most powerful country or the wealthiest either. Being the leader of the Free World is not the same as the King of Spain who was also in attendance or even their Prime Minister. With big roles come big responsibility and certain rules. Now if he had been successful, the blow wouldn’t be so bad. I would have still disagreed with the trip but if we were strictly dealing with public perception, it could be spun and your power would be left intact. With this...what’s the spin? The Leader of the Free World, the President of the United States, could not even get the Olympic committee to do something, how in the world is he going to convince rogue dictators to follow guidelines?
Right now, I can bet, the other countries leaders are having a good chuckle and a "serves him right" moment as I’m sure those who have met him, like Sarkozy, cannot stand his arrogant attitude.
On the other hand...the benefit may be that Obama needs to come back down to earth and a couple of times hearing the answer "no" may not be that bad!

Oh, and the way, the 2016 Olympics are going to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fox News Contributor Marc Lamont Hill | Not So Shocked

So let me get this straight, its surprising to some that Fox News Contributor, Marc Lamont Hill, is pretty much racist? His animosity towards white people is evident in any of his rants defending the most irrational people and situations. Thanks to David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media, shocking information about Hill has been revealed and the public needs to be aware of who this so called "public intellectual" is! He is a sympathizer of the Fidel and the left...the EXTREME left! Read the article (link below)...the proof is clear, and his rhetoric/actions are inexcusable. He needs to be kicked to the curb! Marc Lamont Hill and Van Jones have a lot of beliefs in common which goes to show you how extreme they are.
Hill wrote in his blog piece that the thought of Fidel being ill was scary for him. Hill wrote;

"In fact, the only thing that could keep him away is the very thing that scares me the most: Fidel was too sick to attend."

Here's the complete article from Accuracy in Media.
What are your thoughts?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Usual Misleading Media | Glenn Becks New Book

Shocked…well not exactly, it’s come to be expected that the media, like crazy dictators, can disgorge false or manipulated information all while looking at you with a straight face. Then again, if you consider the fact that these people probably have the title of journalist under their names on their business cards, you really shouldn't be alarmed. It just goes to show you how much they appreciate a good joke...calling themselves journalists is a very funny but scary joke!
Anyway, I doubt that its some big secret that politicians, pundits, writers, so called “journalist”, skew and slant polling, statistics, or any other data to fit their particular needs at that particular time. It is also commonplace that (though it’s unethical to do so) many cut out certain aspects of data, interviews, quotes, or whatever in order to make claims supporting their argument which, as I’m sure you'll agree, is deceitful and misleading.
During some show, I cant exactly remember, a pundit or host included a misleading snippet of a part of Becks new book, “Arguing with Idiots”, he offers his list of people he thinks are the “Top Ten Bastards of All Time”. It’s not that the initial claim was false, all the people that were stated were indeed on the list. It was the fact that it was misleading to the viewers and though I am embarrassed to admit this, I too was fooled.
Here is the story, the WHOLE story...the list includes expected bastards like Bernie Madoff, Keith Olbermann, Hitler, FDR, etc. Along with their names, there is a quick sentence as to why which is the part that was conveniently left out. This person stated that Tiger Woods was on the list and because of that fact, it was concluded that Glenn Beck was crazy. I foolishly didn’t look into it further and went along with that assessment as I too thought it was a bit odd that he would insult someone by putting them on a list with such awful people.
Well I purchased the book today totally at random; I had no intention of getting it and had even forgotten about the whole discussion. While I was flipping through the pages what appeared before me…none other than the list! Yes, Tiger Woods is undeniably listed but you have to read Beck answer as to why…

2. Tiger Woods – He’s got a Swedish-supermodel wife, a zillion dollars, and he plays golf for a living . . . bastard!

It was obviously a joke. The libs do remember what those are…right? Beck is not a journalist nor did he ever claim to be. He is a commentator who also happens to be a pretty funny. Even without knowing that, if you read the sentence right next to Woods’ name, unless you are a complete and utter idiot, you cannot make any other deduction than it being a JOKE. I know we can stretch many things Beck says and when done, he can sound nutty to some but to purposely try and deceive the public into thinking something by presenting a portion of the story is dishonest.
…I didn’t think I would write so much about this because it’s not that big of a deal but it just irritated me as soon as I saw the book…how irresponsible to not present the full statement when it’s something that can be deceptive if not presented in its entirety.

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