Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Usual Misleading Media | Glenn Becks New Book

Shocked…well not exactly, it’s come to be expected that the media, like crazy dictators, can disgorge false or manipulated information all while looking at you with a straight face. Then again, if you consider the fact that these people probably have the title of journalist under their names on their business cards, you really shouldn't be alarmed. It just goes to show you how much they appreciate a good joke...calling themselves journalists is a very funny but scary joke!
Anyway, I doubt that its some big secret that politicians, pundits, writers, so called “journalist”, skew and slant polling, statistics, or any other data to fit their particular needs at that particular time. It is also commonplace that (though it’s unethical to do so) many cut out certain aspects of data, interviews, quotes, or whatever in order to make claims supporting their argument which, as I’m sure you'll agree, is deceitful and misleading.
During some show, I cant exactly remember, a pundit or host included a misleading snippet of a part of Becks new book, “Arguing with Idiots”, he offers his list of people he thinks are the “Top Ten Bastards of All Time”. It’s not that the initial claim was false, all the people that were stated were indeed on the list. It was the fact that it was misleading to the viewers and though I am embarrassed to admit this, I too was fooled.
Here is the story, the WHOLE story...the list includes expected bastards like Bernie Madoff, Keith Olbermann, Hitler, FDR, etc. Along with their names, there is a quick sentence as to why which is the part that was conveniently left out. This person stated that Tiger Woods was on the list and because of that fact, it was concluded that Glenn Beck was crazy. I foolishly didn’t look into it further and went along with that assessment as I too thought it was a bit odd that he would insult someone by putting them on a list with such awful people.
Well I purchased the book today totally at random; I had no intention of getting it and had even forgotten about the whole discussion. While I was flipping through the pages what appeared before me…none other than the list! Yes, Tiger Woods is undeniably listed but you have to read Beck answer as to why…

2. Tiger Woods – He’s got a Swedish-supermodel wife, a zillion dollars, and he plays golf for a living . . . bastard!

It was obviously a joke. The libs do remember what those are…right? Beck is not a journalist nor did he ever claim to be. He is a commentator who also happens to be a pretty funny. Even without knowing that, if you read the sentence right next to Woods’ name, unless you are a complete and utter idiot, you cannot make any other deduction than it being a JOKE. I know we can stretch many things Beck says and when done, he can sound nutty to some but to purposely try and deceive the public into thinking something by presenting a portion of the story is dishonest.
…I didn’t think I would write so much about this because it’s not that big of a deal but it just irritated me as soon as I saw the book…how irresponsible to not present the full statement when it’s something that can be deceptive if not presented in its entirety.


Freedom Loving American Golfer said...

I think the main thing to cull from this is: Statists are humorless!

And humorlessness is the least of their transgressions!


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