Friday, September 25, 2009

Chris Wallace | Creigh Deeds Refuses To Debate McDonnell

Up watching Fox & Friends morning show...Chris Wallace from Fox News Sunday has a segment every Friday where he gives us a preview to his Sunday show and announces his guests. I don't have the clip just yet as it happened a minute ago but he just basically said that the VA gubernatorial race is very important so he asked both candidates, McDonnell and Deeds, if they would be interested in debating. Wallace then went on to say that McDonnell gave about 10 dates where he would be free but Deeds declined the invitation even though all the polls show that Deeds is behind.
Is it surprising as to why Deeds wouldn't want o interview on National Television? Uhh probably not considering that he has done horrible in both debates thus far and as my previous post shows, he cant even figure out his own tax plan (because he doesnt have one)!

(Ill post the video clip or transcript as I get it)


Justin said...

I never thought I would say this but Tim Kaine would be better than Creigh Deeds. His debating skills need help. Lets hope Virgina votes with McDonnell!

Anonymous said...



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