Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fakeness | House Speaker Almost Cries

I don’t feel like beating around the bush here so I’m just going to be blunt! Pelosi, the worst house speaker in American history, is not fighting back tears because she’s fearful of political violence; she’s fighting back her tears because she’s afraid of getting voted out of office due to her unpopularity. She’s starting to realize that her efforts at manipulating and plans to smear the American people (labeling protestors and opponents “Astroturf” among other things) failed and continues to fail miserably. People aren’t as stupid as she had hoped they would be and she has come to the realization that she may not remain House Speaker for very much longer. As you can imagine, this very thought makes her quite upset as is evident from the video posted below.
I’m fighting tears too…tears of joy at the very thought of you and your cronies someday ousted out of my wonderful, historical city. More importantly, one can only hope that you’ll stay out of politics for good.

You are a fraud and there’s one more thing that I was going to write but it just slipped my mind…Oh yeah…YOU LIE!

BTW...She meant left-wing violence (thats what she remembers from the 70s)!



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