Saturday, September 5, 2009

ASTROTURF | HCAN Tries to Silence Critics

Well what can I say except that here’s one more example of ASTROTURF on the LEFT! An organizer for HCAN is caught on tape coaching “supporters” of the health-crap bill on how to wreck havoc upon the town hall and drown out any opposition! When have we ever been intimidated into silence by our own representatives and called improper names if we dare to reject their lies?
If you discuss the current situation with someone who has immigrated to the United States from a country where freedom was only a dream and/or socialism, they’ll tell you how they are familiar with this format of stacking the chips in the governments favor. The truth is not relevant, what is important is the truth they want us to believe (i.e busloads of supporters brought into the town halls from around the state).
These people are experts at deception. After all, these people belong to the same party that somehow fools millions of minorities into believing that they actually stand for them when all evidence points to the contrary.

Who's really the angry mob?



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