Friday, September 18, 2009

Chuck Todd Gets Lesson On Proper Sneezing Etiquette

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius schooled the press, well really NBC’s Chuck Todd, on proper sneezing etiquette and hygiene. As is apparent in the video posted below, she’s more than a bit controlling. How many people would halt their press conference in order to call attention to a improper sneeze? Um? Where's the Sneeze Czar, we need to issue a citation! What makes it even more comical is her screeching demand for Purel to be handed to him. Most people would probably just avoid shaking his hands (which I’m sure happens to Chuck Todd whether he sneezes or not) and move on. Her actions are not surprising considering she’s a liberal who feels the need to control others and tell them what to do! After all, they know what’s best. Classic Lib moment!
Uh...Somebody get Chuck Todd from NBC the Purel! Though the Purel may be able to do something for his hands, I’m not too sure it will sanitize his reporting which can infect anyone who watches it so be careful!



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