Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Wallace Obama Admin "Biggest Bunch of Cry Babies"

“I think it works with the others — it doesn’t work with me.” - Chris Wallace (regarding the intimidation by the Obama Admin)

Chris Wallace dishes out the dirt on the Obama white house and administration. It’s no coincidence that Obama plans to appear on all the Sunday shows except for Chris Wallace’s on Fox News. As we’ve learned so far, Obama’s administration is choreographed to the tee. Now we know why the administration has skipped Fox news besides the obvious being that they are afraid they’ll have to actually answer real questions (we know how dangerous that may be when Obama doesn’t have a teleprompter). Basically they intimidate the other networks through daily emails critiquing their every report or analysis. The other networks clearly cave into it while Fox and Chris Wallace refuse to be bullied.

I mean I knew they probably punished networks and shows that they felt were unfair to them (which are any reports that don’t praise them on a daily basis). I can’t believe they send emails regularly harassing the news corp.
Does anybody else have a problem with this? If we have a free press to keep our government in check then how can they fulfill their role appropriately when they have to be afraid that big brother might get upset?
Do you realize that this is what countries like Iran do? Though it’s a beautiful country, the people are protesting in the streets for a taste of freedom while we are gladly giving ours up. Ridiculous isn’t it?

This very well may be the Chicago thuggery political way but we don’t want any of that in DC!
Hmm...Is this why the Acorn scandal wasnt covered by any of the other networks or papers until we finally had to twist their arm to do so? Its all making sense now...



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