Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter The "Worst President" Says John McCain

Recently, our ex-President, the Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter called dissidents of President Obama racist. Whose not surprised that Carter said something stupid...again? Raise your hand...
I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that we live in the Soviet States of America where we imprison those whom disagree with the views of the powers at be. Disagreement and debate have always been a healthy part of American discourse.
Let’s be honest, Carter is certifiably nuts. What more is there to say? After what this man did to Iran and the United States during his four years of presidency, the worst 4 years ever, he should be hiding under a rock in shame!
I’m glad McCain was blunt and was not afraid to address Carter! Im sick of politicians on the right who all seem to be wimps when it comes to responding to the big bad ol' Dems.
Oh and by the way if anyone is racist its Jimmy Carter…Google his past remarks!



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