Saturday, February 20, 2010

You LIE | New Video Reveals Obama & Acorn's Close Ties...Like they're BFF's

For the most case, the truth is comes out (hopefully sooner than later).
A new video released at CPAC by Rep Issa who has been speaking out about ACORN far before it was on everybody else’s radar screen, catches Obama in yet another LIE. Insert Joe Wilson's YOU LIE here. Best of all? The left may have to spend a few more minutes coming up with their ridiculous defense because its Obama against Obama. When ACORN was called out for their illegal actions, Obama distanced himself from the organization. He acted as if he hardly knew who they were. In this video, Obama is caught on tape expressing his fondness and confirming the truth...that him and ACORN are BFF' they have a matching friendship bracelet and all!
Shocker…Obama caught in yet another lie. At what point do the media hold him accountable for his dishonesty? There are times when politicians misrepresent a version of the truth (many times) and even while that should not be acceptable, it happens. Obama is in a different category all by himself. His chronic condition should be diagnosed as his lies are persistent with no sign of letting up. If not for the Internet and the age of YouTube which provide us with videos of Obama promises, campaign trail speeches, and interviews, I’m not so sure we would be able to convince others. He’s just that good!
Often times we criticize politicians as a whole failing to recognize the ones that are fighting and laying it out on the line every day. Yes, there are good politicians, politicians who seemingly remain unaffected by the Washington illness which has been known to spread quickly among politicians and government employees here in Washington, DC. The most recognizable side effect being corruption and accompanied with deceitfulness. Though they may be few and far between and regrettably now is not the time to go through the list of the good guys (or gals), there are a few that I do admire and I feel comfortable recognizing without closer scrutiny (what can I say, I’m suspicious by nature and I cannot recognize a politician that I have not verified personally…just can’t). I would like to thank Rep Issa for his relentless pursuit of corruption even while having to deal with the repercussions that come about when questioning and/or calling out part of the large left machine called ACORN along with the union in which it conspires with. He continues to stand up for the foundation in which our country was built on. The same is true for Jim Demint, Michelle Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Marco Rubio, and a few others who refuse to quit fighting the good fight. this supposed to be news? I'm glad we have discovered this video disproving Obama but I question the person who finds this bit of information shocking, I really question their understanding and grasp on reality. I mean that with all due respect.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Joins Twitter | Ew Why?

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joins Twitter.

via politico
Gibbs, who's already following most of the White House press corps, offered up his first tweet Saturday afternoon: "Learning about "the twitter" - easing into this with first tweet - any tips?"
"You know," Gibbs added, "plus I’ve got all this free time on my hands!"
Being an official White House Twitter account, Gibbs' page notes that "comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived
He has free time? Then get off the clock! Why are our tax dollars being used to pay for your "free time"!
Gibbs is probably the most annoying person in the admin though that’s a tough call so let’s just say he is def in the running for first place! He reminds me of that obnoxious kid from high school that you wanted to get away from you! He is not only gross but he is rude too. You can always count on Gibbs for three things...first, you can count on Gibbs to be lying. I wonder if he knows how to tell the truth? Hmm...
Second, he won’t make sense. Some commentators like to say that he's unintelligent but I respectfully disagree. I think he is outsmarting everyone by sounding like a babbling idiot. He never answers any question and by the time he is finished, you're so exhausted and irritated by his ramble that you’d rather leave your question unanswered than have him go on for another second! Lastly, you can always count on Gibbs to be condescending! He has no respect for anyone. A press secretary is supposed to be the mouth piece of the administration; you want a friendly, intelligent, witty individual in that job. You want the American people to trust and respect that person as their word is very important. Gibbs is not that person!
I wrote more than I initially intended but that needed to be said...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video | "Nobody Messes With Joe" Or Do They?

The Republican National Committee released a new video taking a look at President Obama's waste bill...err I mean 'Stimulus Bill' now that it has been in place for a year.

It seems like people do mess with Joe...beginning with the President himself.
This comes on the heels of a 2nd Stimulus proposal by the Democratic Party and President Obama, except this time, they've advised the left to refrain from using the word 'Stimulus'. This new proposal is a "Jobs Bill"...They really do think that the American people are a bunch of fools! One can come to no other conclusion than to assume that this administration and their Democratic allies have no respect for the American people. They show their sheer disgust for the regular folks by their continuous insults and their blatent disregard for their constituents, the very same people who voted them into power. Unless you agree with them or join their fan base, you are ignorant, racist, gun-touting hicks...Ye haww.
Does that count even if your not white? Hmm...I ought to ask one day?

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