Sunday, November 29, 2009

LoL | Michael Graham Asks Laura Flanders "Are You Literate?"

Michael Graham questioned Laura Flanders, "Are you literate?"

Did she really quote Alan Grayson?

On numerous occasions (well just about every day since I seem to be surrounded by libs) Ive found it quite difficult to hold a genuine debate or engage in a back and forth because our arguments are defended on different levels. While I seem to be defending my stance with facts, the other side throws some crap at me about emotional nonsense. It’s not that I don’t care about feelings or I’m a cold person, its quite the opposite. The point is, you cannot base arguments on emotions, it’s utterly ridiculous and beyond that, passing laws or creating policies based on such emotions guarantee the formation of additional difficulty rather than solving the problem. Decisions based on emotions fail to consider the outcomes. Everything is a trade-off, solutions are essentially non-existent. It's a Fallacy.

Michael Graham was clearly frustrated as she was trying to make an emotional plea, confusing the truth for her version of it. Whatever makes her feel good...because remember, for the left, that's the most important thing.

(credit to Newsbusters)

WTF | Joy Behar Makes Another Stupid Comment

How far is too far when it comes to Political Correctness? During Fridays taping of 'The View', she questions the other hosts, specifically Whoopi if the name "Black Friday" is racist.

Um...say what?

Joy Behar proves that even the unintelligent people in this great country can make fact, they can host two shows, even one on a news channel (HNN, CNN's affiliate).


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hope & Change Policy | Obama's Record Spending

It was not too long ago then candidate Obama, during his campaign, promised a "net spending cut". As President, Obama has not only forgotten his empty promises, he seems intent on doing the exact opposite.
Obama has managed to spend more than any President before him...double!
Fox News;

President Obama has shattered the budget record for first-year presidents --spending nearly double what his predecessor did when he came into office and far exceeding the first-year tabs for any other U.S. president in history.

...compared with other presidents' first years in office, Obama is running circles around them.

During this time of economic hardship, the American people are tightening up and holding their wallets a little bit closer. And that’s just the lucky ones. There are many children who are going to have to celebrate the holidays worrying about their parents who were recently laid off or haven’t been able to find a job after months of searching. They are forced to hold on to the little money that they have and unlike this admin., not accrue additional debt from unnecessary spending. This is what is irritating about the whole situation, it's the blatant hypocrisy. We all have 'wants', yet we have learned to accept the current situation and understand the difference between wants and needs.
It’s obvious that Obama does not care for history as he is repeating the devastating years of the Carter administration’s policies to the tenth degree.
Unless things change (quickly), continuing on this current trend only prolongs the recession. Even more worrisome, their compulsive habit of printing money is doing nothing more than securing one thing…not confidence which our markets need, instead, it secures the probability of inflation occurring. Add this to the list of the “change” we were promised.

(I tried to warn people that change is an empty word as it fails to imply anything more than something different. Repeatedly, I urged people to understand that change can be good but change can also be very bad. Is it worth the risk? Monday morning quarterbacking, was it worth the risk?)

Obama Leaves White House Holding GQ Magazine Featuring Himself

Obama seems to be Obama’s number one fan! He’s holding a GQ magazine which just happens to have him on the cover, which also just happens to be featuring him, designating Obama the leader of the year (that’s definitely a stretch).
Here’s what I find odd. As a President, you are written about daily, is he not over himself by now? Have there not been a countless number of features and articles written by their fans, oops I mean friends in the media fawning over him and Michelle.
Humility is one of the most important characteristics a leader/President needs to have and yet this President has not exhibited an ounce of it thus far.
What if Sarah Palin were holding a magazine about herself? The press would have a field day!
This is just embarrassing and speaks volumes. It’s not this one incident, it’s after analyzing a series of behaviors and actions that has caused me to draw this conclusion (so don’t even try)!

I tried to magnify the magazine in the second photo.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WTF | Gavin Newsom Flips Out During Interview

Apparently temper tantrums aren't really a new thing for SF Mayor Gavin Newsom.
Recently Newsom dropped out of the gubernatorial race and hasnt been happy since. The usually media-hungry Mayor has been acting really shy, avoiding the very people he used to run to when he needed his exposure.
In his first post-candidate interview with CBS-5 Hank Plante, the Mayor got a little huffy-puffy and pretty much acted a fool! At the end of the video he expresses his the record of course (not). Is this guy serious?

After all this is the same guy who cheated with his campaign managers wife who just happened to also be a very close friend of his. Cheating is bad enough but the fact that it was with a close friends wife suggests that this guy has questionable judgement and frankly lacks loyalty! Wait...didn't he just mention being loyal in the interview above! ha that's funny stuff!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

WoW | SNL Spoofs Obama Over Debt

Astonishingly, Saturday Night Live finally really spoofed Obama and it was pretty freakin hilarious. It’s not their first jab at Obama but the last time they took a swipe, it was from a left point of view. They poked fun at him for his lack of accomplishments when it came to the leftist polices he promised while campaigning. This time, it speaks for the discontent coming from the majority of the American people, left and right. I hope Obama and his team are getting the message. Yes this may be just a skit but as is true with all good comedy, it wouldn’t be funny unless there was truth to it. His poll numbers are low, people are unhappy and yet, he’d rather pass his idiotic healthcare bill and/or cap and tax bill.
So, SNL opened with a C-SPAN press conference with Obama (played by Fred Armisen) and Chinese President Hu Jintao (played by Will Forte). The Chinese President grills Obama on his reckless policies about spending, he questions Obama and says (sarcastically of course), “To save money involve spending even more money”…
Like I said, jokes are funny when they touch on a piece of reality. This one was based on the fact that during Obama’s trip to China he was basically ignored. Instead the Chinese (imagine that) lectured us (really Obama) on economic policy. They’re even worried about the size of his healthcare plan especially disconcerting in such a bad economy and double digit unemployment numbers. This skit touches on two key points (among many others). The first being that Obama has driven up our debt, continues to do so, and doesn’t really seem concerned which has caused uncertainty and fear. Secondly, Obama seems to have adopted this policy of weakness and this false sense that a weak, obedient, bowing President somehow is a plausible strategy. When has this ever worked? Why isn’t it working now? The Chinese didn’t seem to care and in fact, were even less receptive to Obama. The town hall which was supposed to be an unfiltered group of college students turned out to be filled with communist youth leaders. Additionally, China continuously refuses to get tough on Iran.
BTW, because I don’t really watch CNN, does anyone know if they have started fact-checking this skit as they did with the last one (ha who fact checks a skit…what a joke. Like that’s a really loserish thing to do). Maybe AP has put 10 reporters on this as they did with Palin’s book?
Seems like SNL is stepping in the right direction which is about a third of the way to reaching the frustration of the American people.
This skit might just be an indication to the end of Obama’s honeymoon with his fans in the Press.
As a final point, I would like to add that I found the whole bending over parts of the skit to be distasteful. Whatever my issues with is policies, he is our President and that was crude.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I forgot to post this video a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely hilarious...
Description...a response to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for having accomplished absolutely nothing, oh except double-digit unemployment numbers. (If anyone tries to argue that the recession would have been so much worse, that he is working on it, or the most asinine BS argument where they deflect their own issues on to George W. Bush, I might just scream. Here's the thing, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask to be President...I’m assuming that he knew it would be a very difficult job before he began campaigning. If this was the first month of Obama’s presidency then fine, but almost a year in...It’s the Obama Recession now)
Anyway, got side-tracked a bit. Like I said, video is pretty darn funny!
(Thank you Steven Crowder for continuously entertaining and enlightening us with your fab videos)

Al Sharpton & The Constitution

The beginning of the video is Reason Mags plea for donations but get through the first few seconds and it'll be worth it...

( I think its quite honest and very revealing)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gossip | John Edwards Tried to Secure the VP Position

Lets make a deal...
A few days ago, we found out that the leaker behind the Edwards $400 haircut came from the Obama camp. David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager, has written his version of a tell-all book describing the 2008 election and the campaign trail. Personally, I don't think I would read the book but some interesting tid-bits have come out.
Additional information about Edwards has once again been exposed by Plouffe. Why do I think that Edwards is not a big fan of Plouffe right now!
According to Plouffe, former Presidential nominee John Edwards, made an attempt to cut a hush-hush sneaky deal with both his opponents. Edwards tried to offer his endorsement (as he was coming out of the race) in exchange for the Vice Presidential spot on the ticket. The book proclaims that the Edwards campaign presented their offer right before the South Carolina primary. In other words, his support was for sale as he would have gladly marched behind either Hillary or Barack, so long as they had given him the number 2 spot on the ticket. It goes on to say that Obama chose not to take any deals and received Edwards’ support anyway.

“This was the pitch: ‘Listen. It's clear unless the race is shaken up, Hillary is going to win. You guys might not even win South Carolina. What would shake the race up is John ending his campaign, but not simply to endorse another candidate. All things being equal, John prefers Barack. They should announce they are joining forces and will run as a ticket. Edwards can vouch for Obama with blue-collar and Southern whites and is running on a change message.’”

Plouffes account of his conversation with Obama regarding the Edwards offer;

"Obama's answer was quick and firm: he would cut no deals."

Maybe I'm just suspicious but I wonder if their rejection of the offer had anything to do with Rielle? This whole discussion took place around the same time the rumors’ were coming out about Edwards having a mistress which was subsequently followed by the National Enquirer story exposing Edwards. As terrible as this may sound, it’s not uncommon for candidates or other people involved in certain political or policy matters to come to an agreement by negotiation. Not hard to imagine. The part of it the bothers me the most is the fact that above all, he knew that he would not be a good candidate for the position and yet, did that stop him from seeking the VP slot? As a matter of fact, with his name on any ballot, there was a possibility that it could be damaging to his running mate and the Democratic Party at large. Whether or not certain staff members knew of his affair with Rielle Hunter, he certainly did and at no time did his moral compass send off a little alert to advise him from running on any ballots. On top of that, there has been numerous stories covering the Edwards affair which revealed that certain staff members were aware of this affair and still went along with the campaign. As someone who has been involved in campaigns, I can’t imagine remaining with a candidate whom I did not believe in or someone who I didn’t find acceptable to fill that position for whatever reason but above all if he turned out to be a complete FRAUD! The people who are voting for him have a right to know what they are getting with this man. I worked on a campaign where the candidate, in my estimation, was not doing certain things that are expected of all candidates in the beginning. I told him straight up that I was not comfortable trying to round up volunteers or contributors to donate time and money until he did what he needed to do. I felt as if I was deceiving them or not being completely forthright. Because of these reasons and a few others, I eventually resigned from my position on that campaign as I found myself questioning his ability. I couldn’t with a good conscience get his man elected if I, myself, wasn’t completely convinced in his candidacy.
This is why I also take issue with his staff as they displayed a severe lack in judgment. (I often have to remind myself that we are not all alike and just because I may not crave power and control; there are many others who do and work continuously towards this goal)
Could Edwards ever get elected again? I hope not!

Gaffe | Obama Bows Again To Hu Jintao

It starts around 1:00 on the video posted below.

& another one...
This time in China to President Hu Jintao.

Why would you not bow to royalty, say the Queen of England but go around in a bowing frenzy when etiquette does not require you to and certainly not if your President. As former VP Cheney said, a President is not required, nor is he expected to bow. As I mentioned in the previous post, not only is it humiliating but the perception is more detrimental than anything else. His toe touches give the impression of weakness.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Krauthammer Discusses the Obama Bow & His "Narcissism"

Charles Krauthammer offered his analysis of the Obama bow, which now almost seems to be protocol instead of what I think most considered it to be the first time, a gaffe! I must say that Krauthammer’s assessments are always very informative. Most analysts will argue their views and based on the argument or even the day, they may or may not make a valuable addition to make to the argument. On the other hand, there are the few analysts or experts that should always be paid full attention to, one such analyst is Krauthammer!
The photograph of the President bowing down to the Japanese emperor was indeed embarrassing. The fact is, if embarressment was the only issue then we’d still be humiliated, perplexed, and slightly worried as to why protocol has unexpectedly changed but it would not be a focal point of discussion (among all the other changes, not for the better). If the implications didn’t exceed past embarrassment, the issue would not garner as much attention as it has. Problem is, in international relations every gesture, movement, word becomes significant. Supplement this with the fact that the world is paying attention and that a foolish act, such as bowing, suggests weakness and it becomes a greater issue than just humiliation. Not to mention that proper etiquette in Japan suggests the bow itself to be improper and even perceived as "mean".
Question...and if anyone could provide an answer, I would really appreciate admin. so concerned with staying on message, robotic in a sense, hardly going off teleprompter, etc., why would they do this? I expect that someone on his staff would have discussed his previous blunder the last time he bowed? Maybe not so much?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Video | Sarah Palin On Oprah

Im curently watching it right now...
Let me know what you think? I just watched the beginning when Oprah questioned her about her ability and experience and I would just like to ask Oprah if she thought the same thing about Obama!
Okay, so Oprah totally dislikes Sarah, its pretty obvious!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blah | Obama Speech in Shanghai

First of all, who writes his speeches because they are horrible!
I’m confused, is he President of the U.S. or China?
Also, why must he go around apologizing for the U.S. all the time!? The apology tour began at 12:18 am eastern this time, not long before his speech began! He brought up the civil war, women’s suffrage, issues with immigrants being embraced, and “separate but not equal” treatment of African Americans.
He also brought up himself as he always does! He made it clear that” someone like me” 50 years ago would have trouble even voting.
Let me make this incredibly clear, I don’t want to pretend that our history never occurred…our history, the good and bad are real parts of the American story. I’m proud that we work hard to right the wrongs of our past and never do I want to forget our mistakes. We are doomed to repeat it otherwise. Moving on, we don’t have to have our President be the one to point out our biggest flaws, specifically while speaking in another country! It’s absolutely absurd. This is not the first time and I expect it will not be the last!
Interesting that he did not bring up human rights! Well it was not surprising but it sure as heck is sad that we aren’t that beacon of light anymore for freedom seekers.
…He shunned the Dalai Lama during his visit to D.C. and now he is once again bowing down, this time to China!
During the Q&A segment, Obama now says the U.S. must be modest!
Psh...what would he know about modesty?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Iran | Protests Continue By Boycotting Football Match

And the protests in Iran still go on…

The people in Iran seem to have boycotted the Iranian soccer game in Tehran's Azadi Stadium. It has been estimated that only 100 people showed up even though the regime attempted to draw in more fans.
Iranians love their soccer, so the fact that the stadium is virtually empty speaks highly of the dissatisfaction with the regime! So take that you evil dictators!
If this is not evident of the resiliency of the Iranian people…I don’t know what is! If you’ll remember this past summer, droves of people in Iran came out in protest against the fraudulent election results. They are still going strong.
Following the events in Iran, I'm blown away by the courageous Iranians that have been protesting the regime since June. The people’s protests against the mullah-cracy have been non-violent while the hard-line regime has responded by brutalizing, imprisoning, abusing, and torturing their own people. It’s truly sick and what makes the situation worse is the fact that Pres. Obama seems unconcerned even while the Iranian people have begged for him to speak up or fail to recognize the regime as they are not representative of the people. Instead, Obama has seemed eager to work with the brutal regime. Obama’s actions since the election amount to spitting in the face of the people of Iran who are begging for a taste of freedom. I am truly ashamed of the behavior of our government. We are supposed to be freedom supporters. He doesn't have to meddle if he doesn't feel that its an appropriate course of action, whatever , at this point I don't really care but I do care that you are meddling by supporting a brutal regime knowing that they appointed themselves without the approval of the people. Recently, during a protest, the people told Obama, you're either with us or with them...Obama must decide, what side does he want to align with...liberty or tyranny?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tipped | Obama Campaign Leaked John Edwards $400 Haircut

Quick! Think John tell me what’s the first thing you picture? His Hair?!!
John Edwards’ campaign started shriveling away after his public hair embarrassment incident. Having already been dubbed the 'pretty boy', though I have no idea why but I guess you can’t figure out other peoples bizarre attractions, when this tidbit was leaked to Ben Smith at Politico, the story stuck as it validated the perception that already existed. Another reason the story hit his campaign pretty hard was because of his rhetoric and the foundation in which he chose to run on. His whole thing was the division between the rich and the poor as if it were a boxing match and he was cheering on the poor. Well when you're getting $400 haircuts and you claim to be such an advocate of the poor, it kind of looks suspect. No, it really is suspect! At that point, you don't seem as if you're cheering the poor, instead it looks very much like you're using the poor...which the left does all the time but that's a lesson for a different day!
Who tipped the media? Obama's campaign. David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, revealed in his new book that they were behind the leak. Surprising...not so much? Obama has always been the king of opposition research...after all he wouldn't have been elected to the Senate if he hadn't dug up dirt on his opponents.

Breaking | Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN

Though we do not have any definitive answers as to why Lou Dobbs resigned from his position at CNN, I personally think he is sick of the B.S. reporting that has come out of there. His vague explanation for leaving gave me the impression that he was sick of having to worry about being offensive in his reports. When I say offensive, it means not catering to the Obama administration. Additionally, I think the reporting this week and the mainstream medias refusal to acknowledge facts and report honestly sent it over the edge. The news from CNN is watered down and I think Lou is sick of it...I really do. There has been several occasions in which Ive seen him call out people on his own network for misinformation or misrepresentation of facts, and rightfully so!
Hey, you never know...Lou Dobbs might just end up on Fox News or Fox Business? Its the top rated news network and they always draw in at least 2x more viewers than all the other networks. Recently, Fox hired John Stossel from ABC, who admitted to wanting to have more control and discretion over his reporting (basically ABC would frown upon his honest reports). They also hired Imus who used to be on MSNBC. If Roger Ailes and Lou Dobbs were in negotiation, it would not be surprising in the least!

You know...I don't agree with Dobbs on everything but his show was actually one of the more tolerable ones on CNN!

What do you think?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Carrie Prejean Sex Tape | Go Away

Let me make something clear as the title of this post may cause a bit of confusion. Its not that I dislike the girl or disagree with her. No one can deny the fact that Carrie Prejean was harassed and wrongly bullied by the pageant judge, Perez ‘ahole’ Hilton, along with many others on the left. They attacked her because of her personal opinion and that should not be acceptable in our country! I supported her right after the fallout and though attractive conservative women should expect this treatment, it was still baffling to witness the vengeance with which they went after this young girl. That being said…just go away Carrie, please do yourself and us a favor.
Let’s be honest, her answer at the pageant was not the most articulate. In a previous post made on this subject, I wrote that I understood why her answer would come out a little awkward as she very well could have been nervous knowing that her answer would be controversial, specifically while responding to an openly gay judge. Again, I thought the question itself was inappropriate and the judges’ reaction was inexcusable. So she went on to make appearances and then made more appearances…blah blah. It was way too much. I also found her to be speaking off talking points as if this is the message her publicist gave her so she would repeat the same lines over and over without being able to offer real substance. On the other hand, I did think that she made a good role model for those young girls, especially conservative girls who are afraid to go against their friends views and stand up for what they believe in or what they believe to be right. I’m around Carries age and even now it’s hard for me to be completely blunt about my positions or how I feel about Bush or Cheney because I know what lies ahead of me if I dare express my views. For me, it’s not that I’m scared because I can speak up and I can go at it with the best of them if necessary, it’s just that I don’t feel like dealing with the hostility all the time. In that sense, I am glad that Carrie went around speaking up and letting everyone know that it’s okay to speak up and though the left was beating her up, she was still okay.
That being said, when the topless photos came out…it changed things slightly. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite because we all have some kind of stupid stories from our teens and twenties (hopefully not naked pictures); I just think that her role model status becomes a bit tarnished. She came out and apologized, said that she didn’t know the photographer snapped these in between the real photo shoot where she was covered. Do I take her story as truth? I don’t really care…We’re all allowed a few stupid mistakes so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. So we moved on.
Today we found out that TMZ has uncovered a sex tape of Carrie Prejean from a few years back. Apparently Carrie sent a video of…umm…herself with herself to her ex-boyfriend. I acknowledge that this must be difficult for her; I can’t really say that I have empathy for her situation. Can you feel sorry for someone who sends a sex tape to a boyfriend or do you think they should’ve known better? On the same day she’s releasing a book about the pageant incident and how she is still standing after or something like that…who knows?
Okay, so if you knew that a video like this exists and people were out to get dirt on you, wouldn’t you hold off writing a book? I’m kind of torn on this as I don’t think that her past has anything to do with her treatment and questioning during the pageant or afterwards but on the same note, whether you admit it or not, we all judge each other and this sheds a different light on her or speaks about her values. She came on Hannity tonight taking full responsibility…yadda yadda yadda but once again, I know talking points when I hear them and it definitely seemed like she was given advice on how to handle and approach this topic when interviewed. She is hoping to get in front of the story. It’s obvious that her lawyer or publicist (whoever she has advising her on media relations) told her that Americans like when people apologize as they are forgiving people so long as someone admits to the mistake.
I’m sorry but I don’t find her to be genuine and I can’t pinpoint the exact reason…
So maybe I should change the title of this post because I am on the fence about this…I’m not sure anymore! What do you think? Should she just go away or are you glad that she is speaking up?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

“Why Criminalize Those Who Want to Opt-Out?” of the Healthcare Bill Asks Rep. Roskam

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Illinois) posed a truly outstanding question for those in support of this healthcrap bill. If the bill is so great then why do you have to force Americans to join? As Rep. Roskam questions, why criminalize those who choose to opt-out? Better yet, why aren’t those same public servants (well they’re supposed to be public servants, instead its become apparent that many of them, not all, but a lot our elected officials regard themselves to be of a higher class much like monarchs) signing up for this plan themselves. Once again, if this plan is soo great then why arent they jumping at the opportunity to be on it! Yeah, that'll be the day!
This health-crap bill not only ensures an increase in our taxes but now our tax dollars are going to be spent arresting Americans who refuse to sign up. How much more ridiculous does this have to get for the other half to get out of their fantasy world and realize that this bill chips away at our freedom. Is it worth it to trade freedom and individualism for promises that realistically cannot be kept? Sadly, the bill passed the House 220-215 this past Saturday. Amazingly, even with a democratic majority, the bill narrowly passed though at this point, what matters is not the numbers but rather the fact that the bill passed in general. They are taking Americans, a more accurate description would be dragging Americans, while they are kicking and screaming in opposition, down the road of socialism. Its actually a bit like kidnapping if you think about it…the majority of Americans, about 72% according to a CNN poll, oppose this particular bill and yet the Democrats, much like the mullahcracy in Iran, turn their noses at the citizens and go on their business. After all, (in their opinion) they know what’s best for us even if we refuse to accept it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VA & NJ Vote Republican | Victory

Okay so I'm a little late but I was at one of the Victory parties in VA for the gubernatorial race last night and never got a chance to post...truthfully, I didnt stay too late but yeah anyways... Let me just tell you, the crowd was enthusiastic, relieved, and seemed like they had regained their energy. It felt good!
But, just in case you were hiding under a rock...McDonnell is the new Governor in VA. I'm also happy to report that Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli, also Republicans, won in VA last night. This is only the second time in history where all 3 seats (Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General ) were won by a single party. Still want to dismiss the Conservative movement and pretend that this isn't a referendum on Obama's my guest, you'll be forced to pay attention when we win back seats in the midterm election!
Whats even more surprising is Chris Christies victory in NJ! NJ, a democratic state, has elected a Republican Governor! Crazy and LOVING it!
Last night was an incredible night and 2010 elections are not too far behind!
Victory Baby!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cavuto Explains 'Fair & Balanced' To Shep Smith

Last week, after a report by Shannon Bream on Fox News, anchor Shep Smith, apologized to viewers about being “Fair and balanced” because she had only spoken to one of the candidates and aired that report. Well apparently Shannon had made several attempts to speak with the other candidate and get an interview but they were continuously declining the offer which Shep would have known if he had done a little bit of homework. Some say Shep’s comment was obvious sarcasm, but of course the left would use any opportunity to throw something back at Fox News. Personally I can’t say that I like Shep’s reporting! I find him to be arrogant and annoying. I also found his off handed remark, sarcasm or not, to have belittled the journalist who was giving the report at that time. You could tell that Shannon Bream was taken aback. Fair and Balanced means allowing both candidates the same opportunity but letting them choose if they would like to use it or not. You can’t can one interview in the garbage because the other candidate doesn’t want to participate. Shep was totally out of line and though Neil Cavuto failed to mention his name, it’s quite obvious that this is being directed at that particular comment and incident.
After another report by Shannon Bream, Neil Cavuto, as clear as possible so even Shep could understand, explained to viewers what “Fair & Balance” really means and why Fox News is both!
I must say, Cavuto is uh-mazing!

This Is Your Moment | Message From Congressman Mike Pence

“This is your moment, now is your time, let your voice be heard.”
The video posted below was released by Congressman Mike Pence who is urging all Americans to take a stand and speak up against this Pelosi Health-crap takeover bill, which by the way is rumored to get a vote on Friday. According to Rep. Bachmann, if the bill went to the floor today, they would not have enough votes to pass it but Pelosi's plan is to wait until Friday in hopes that she'll be able to twist enough arms and buy a few more congressmen off by then.
Watch the video and pass it along!


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