Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WTF | Gavin Newsom Flips Out During Interview

Apparently temper tantrums aren't really a new thing for SF Mayor Gavin Newsom.
Recently Newsom dropped out of the gubernatorial race and hasnt been happy since. The usually media-hungry Mayor has been acting really shy, avoiding the very people he used to run to when he needed his exposure.
In his first post-candidate interview with CBS-5 Hank Plante, the Mayor got a little huffy-puffy and pretty much acted a fool! At the end of the video he expresses his the record of course (not). Is this guy serious?

After all this is the same guy who cheated with his campaign managers wife who just happened to also be a very close friend of his. Cheating is bad enough but the fact that it was with a close friends wife suggests that this guy has questionable judgement and frankly lacks loyalty! Wait...didn't he just mention being loyal in the interview above! ha that's funny stuff!



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