Sunday, November 22, 2009

WoW | SNL Spoofs Obama Over Debt

Astonishingly, Saturday Night Live finally really spoofed Obama and it was pretty freakin hilarious. It’s not their first jab at Obama but the last time they took a swipe, it was from a left point of view. They poked fun at him for his lack of accomplishments when it came to the leftist polices he promised while campaigning. This time, it speaks for the discontent coming from the majority of the American people, left and right. I hope Obama and his team are getting the message. Yes this may be just a skit but as is true with all good comedy, it wouldn’t be funny unless there was truth to it. His poll numbers are low, people are unhappy and yet, he’d rather pass his idiotic healthcare bill and/or cap and tax bill.
So, SNL opened with a C-SPAN press conference with Obama (played by Fred Armisen) and Chinese President Hu Jintao (played by Will Forte). The Chinese President grills Obama on his reckless policies about spending, he questions Obama and says (sarcastically of course), “To save money involve spending even more money”…
Like I said, jokes are funny when they touch on a piece of reality. This one was based on the fact that during Obama’s trip to China he was basically ignored. Instead the Chinese (imagine that) lectured us (really Obama) on economic policy. They’re even worried about the size of his healthcare plan especially disconcerting in such a bad economy and double digit unemployment numbers. This skit touches on two key points (among many others). The first being that Obama has driven up our debt, continues to do so, and doesn’t really seem concerned which has caused uncertainty and fear. Secondly, Obama seems to have adopted this policy of weakness and this false sense that a weak, obedient, bowing President somehow is a plausible strategy. When has this ever worked? Why isn’t it working now? The Chinese didn’t seem to care and in fact, were even less receptive to Obama. The town hall which was supposed to be an unfiltered group of college students turned out to be filled with communist youth leaders. Additionally, China continuously refuses to get tough on Iran.
BTW, because I don’t really watch CNN, does anyone know if they have started fact-checking this skit as they did with the last one (ha who fact checks a skit…what a joke. Like that’s a really loserish thing to do). Maybe AP has put 10 reporters on this as they did with Palin’s book?
Seems like SNL is stepping in the right direction which is about a third of the way to reaching the frustration of the American people.
This skit might just be an indication to the end of Obama’s honeymoon with his fans in the Press.
As a final point, I would like to add that I found the whole bending over parts of the skit to be distasteful. Whatever my issues with is policies, he is our President and that was crude.



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