Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Krauthammer Discusses the Obama Bow & His "Narcissism"

Charles Krauthammer offered his analysis of the Obama bow, which now almost seems to be protocol instead of what I think most considered it to be the first time, a gaffe! I must say that Krauthammer’s assessments are always very informative. Most analysts will argue their views and based on the argument or even the day, they may or may not make a valuable addition to make to the argument. On the other hand, there are the few analysts or experts that should always be paid full attention to, one such analyst is Krauthammer!
The photograph of the President bowing down to the Japanese emperor was indeed embarrassing. The fact is, if embarressment was the only issue then we’d still be humiliated, perplexed, and slightly worried as to why protocol has unexpectedly changed but it would not be a focal point of discussion (among all the other changes, not for the better). If the implications didn’t exceed past embarrassment, the issue would not garner as much attention as it has. Problem is, in international relations every gesture, movement, word becomes significant. Supplement this with the fact that the world is paying attention and that a foolish act, such as bowing, suggests weakness and it becomes a greater issue than just humiliation. Not to mention that proper etiquette in Japan suggests the bow itself to be improper and even perceived as "mean".
Question...and if anyone could provide an answer, I would really appreciate it...an admin. so concerned with staying on message, robotic in a sense, hardly going off teleprompter, etc., why would they do this? I expect that someone on his staff would have discussed his previous blunder the last time he bowed? Maybe not so much?



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