Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tipped | Obama Campaign Leaked John Edwards $400 Haircut

Quick! Think John tell me what’s the first thing you picture? His Hair?!!
John Edwards’ campaign started shriveling away after his public hair embarrassment incident. Having already been dubbed the 'pretty boy', though I have no idea why but I guess you can’t figure out other peoples bizarre attractions, when this tidbit was leaked to Ben Smith at Politico, the story stuck as it validated the perception that already existed. Another reason the story hit his campaign pretty hard was because of his rhetoric and the foundation in which he chose to run on. His whole thing was the division between the rich and the poor as if it were a boxing match and he was cheering on the poor. Well when you're getting $400 haircuts and you claim to be such an advocate of the poor, it kind of looks suspect. No, it really is suspect! At that point, you don't seem as if you're cheering the poor, instead it looks very much like you're using the poor...which the left does all the time but that's a lesson for a different day!
Who tipped the media? Obama's campaign. David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, revealed in his new book that they were behind the leak. Surprising...not so much? Obama has always been the king of opposition research...after all he wouldn't have been elected to the Senate if he hadn't dug up dirt on his opponents.



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