Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breaking | Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN

Though we do not have any definitive answers as to why Lou Dobbs resigned from his position at CNN, I personally think he is sick of the B.S. reporting that has come out of there. His vague explanation for leaving gave me the impression that he was sick of having to worry about being offensive in his reports. When I say offensive, it means not catering to the Obama administration. Additionally, I think the reporting this week and the mainstream medias refusal to acknowledge facts and report honestly sent it over the edge. The news from CNN is watered down and I think Lou is sick of it...I really do. There has been several occasions in which Ive seen him call out people on his own network for misinformation or misrepresentation of facts, and rightfully so!
Hey, you never know...Lou Dobbs might just end up on Fox News or Fox Business? Its the top rated news network and they always draw in at least 2x more viewers than all the other networks. Recently, Fox hired John Stossel from ABC, who admitted to wanting to have more control and discretion over his reporting (basically ABC would frown upon his honest reports). They also hired Imus who used to be on MSNBC. If Roger Ailes and Lou Dobbs were in negotiation, it would not be surprising in the least!

You know...I don't agree with Dobbs on everything but his show was actually one of the more tolerable ones on CNN!

What do you think?



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