Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michelle Malkin Irks Matt Lauer During Today Interview

Gotta love the "unbiased" journalism from Lauer. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that he was Obama's best friend hanging on oh so desperately to Malkin's every word as if she had been offending him and insulting him personally.

Make sure you pay attention to the end...(hint, stare at Lauer)

(Advice to Lauer. Stop being so emotional and not to mention OBVIOUS. I shouldnt be able to tell what your personal views are! Truth is, I could care less!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simply Beautiful

What the F?

Uhh...Ive heard of pitiful weak men, rather BOYS breaking up with women over text messaging or emails but this is trashy beyond all else.

Ready for it?

So my friend gets a text from her boss basically telling her that she is fired or let go.

Lets be clear, I don't care what you did to get fired, a text is never appropriate! How old are we...10? A text?! Does it suck to have to fire someone? Absolutely! Should you suck it up and tell the person directly? Absolutely. I mean, I wouldn't be as taken back if her ill-mannered boss had phoned her to fire her, heck, at this point an email would be preferable. Don't ever text my phone with such garbage because I wouldn't take it as calmly as she did! I think you should have respect for everyone, if not anyone else, most certainly have respect for your employees.

This situation is sort of similar to advice I like to lend my girls. When you meet a nice gentleman, its important to observe his previous relationships with his ex(s). Are they friends, cordial, etc? More importantly, how does he treat them? Everyone is amazing in the beginning but trust me honey, after going through a bad breakup, you realize that this question is very important. The way they treat their exes and the way the treat other people (especially ones that they dislike) shows you how they may treat you one day, not to mention its an accurate measure of their maturity level.

Now lets go back to the trashy boss situation, if I were a current employee working with that particular boss, I would become slightly nervous and very careful while remaining observant to this situation. If the boss fires one person like this, whats to stop her from doing it to anyone else? Nothing...

What can we learn from this situation?

NEVER (and I mean NEVER...did I forget to mention NEVER) allow your bosses to text you in the first place. Stay a step ahead by refraining from texting them. If they text you, DO NOT ANSWER and pretend as if your phone plan does not include that service!

Texting to breakup or fire someone= total disgust= trashy


First Things First

Hello. I decided to shutdown my other blog and start over. Well, the thing is...I'm kind of a perfectionist (or at least a wannabe perfectionist), the minute I feel like something is messy or Ive lost control or whatever, I have to start over from the beginning.
Its either all or nothing. I'm going to try to be more organized and consistent in my blogging. I want to continue to blog about politics but also include anything else that comes up. After all, it is my personal-ish blog so I'm just going to roll with it.
Hello and Laters...
(totally off the wall but after writing the word later...I realized how close the word was to Latte and it makes me want Starbucks. Crazy-ness. Tell me about it. Mmm...I want my latte now!)

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