Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson Yells "You Lie" To President Obama

As much as the outburst by Joe Wilson was not exactly respectful and normally I would be 100% against such displays of inappropriate behavior, I do understand why and how this happened. Here you have a President who is giving another campaign speech in front of the nation, addressing congress no less, and his speech is filled with lies and partisan b.s. I have never heard a President be so divisive on purpose. He even told opponents that he would out them…threatening? So, in a moment of frustration, Congressman Wilson lost control and let it out. I was yelling at my TV at home!
Let me ask you a question, the President, on this forum took a shot at Sarah Palin. He called her a liar. Tell me what the difference is? I don’t think a President should stoop that low to hit someone who disagrees with his plan, who by the way is correct in her assertion…Read the bill if you don’t believe me (that goes for you to Mr. President). He’s a bully. Out of all the pundits that have disagreed with him, he went after her…So really, it may have been “rude” for Wilson to scream out the truth and insult the President but what’s the difference between what he did and what the President himself did. The President contradicts himself all the time. He talks about civility and discussion but he then proceeds to bash the Republicans, present false information about their positions, and leaves them out of the discussion. He has the gull to say that the Republicans don’t have a plan which once again (surprise, surprise) is a big fat fib! Too bad their bill was in their hand, if the President would take a minute to stop campaigning and pay attention to anyone but himself he would take notice. Also, why is he continuing to turn his back on the American people in order to pass a bill he says is urgent yet won’t go in effect until 2013…Suspicious? Chyeah!



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