Saturday, September 12, 2009

Joe Wilson | The Outburst Saga..."You Lie"!

"You Lie!” Bumper Stickers. Clever.

Initially I found the outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson to be slightly disrespectful but upon further consideration, while it may not have been the most appropriate course of action, I don’t think it’s this grand hoopla that the democrats have created for themselves. The more that they complain and cry about it, I find my opinion strengthening in the opposite direction.
During this crisis that this Congress and administration has put us through, you expect me to really feel bad that someone is bold enough to come out and tell the truth during a hour long promo for the President? He is a freshman congressman, someone please tell me how he was supposed to get his point across and get attention, more importantly, attention from a media who works for the administration?

Additionally, the Democrats behaved far worse on numerous occasions during the Bush presidency. So what the Dems are essentially saying is that it was okay for respect to go out the door for about 8 years during Bush’s term but rule change for Obama?

You know what…Sometimes you just have to scream to get people to listen, particularly when the cause is important enough, you get a free pass!

GO JOE! The only elected official who was bold enough to speak up!

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