Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY-23 Hoffman Conservative In Name & Values | Fred Thompson Ad

Long story short, NY-23 has a special election taking place next week. The district is a pretty conservative district and there should be absolutely no reason why we would lose it, oh except for the candidate running as a “republican” happens to be further left than the democrat running for this seat. This lady is absurd and if I didn’t know any better, I would say that this is no mistake. For some reason, this to me seems as an intentional placement to have a far left-liberal win in a conservative district by simply removing the ‘D’ and replacing it with an ‘R’. By the way, the frauds name is Dede Scofaazza-whatever. This acorn loving, union hugging, far-left candidate needs to go running back to her friends on the left because we don’t want her! Well thanks to Doug Hoffman, who has now received national press (due to this dilemma); the people in NY-23 have an ACTUAL conservative to vote for. This is race is now a 3-way one with Doug Hoffman running as a conservative, not just in values but also in name.
We also need to applaud conservative pundits and politicians who have stepped it up and endorsed Hoffman. He has a very good chance to win and the polls are actually closing in as people are paying more attention.
Now I’m hoping that Dede drops out but because I don’t think that I can count on that, I’m glad that Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Fred & Geri Thompson, and many other have stood up and spoken out.
To the republican establishment that thought they could get away with this..ha ha! (Yes, I realize that’s a bit childish but deserved)
Here’s Fred Thompson’s ad supporting Hoffman! Go Fred!



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