Friday, October 2, 2009

Ridiculous Analysis | Stimulus Working?

Anyone who claims that the stimulus is working just might be certifiably nuts. Well it’s not really surprising that the person making such a wild accusation, Robert Reich, just happens to be employed by the Obama administration as an economic advisor.
(the video clip is posted below)
During the CNBC interview with Reich discussing the large unemployment numbers, he actually claimed that;

"the stimulus package is the thing that is actually keeping the economy up, keeping people employed."

Who actually believes him? The others on the program certainly don’t! You’ll notice the hosts, Francis and Kudlow, after hearing the outlandish statement, look at each other and laugh.
Sure the Vice President made the same outrageous claim but that’s good ol' Joe...we know he is not a rational person. It’s understood that all his comments be ignored. Unfortunately, as an advisor to the POTUS, you’re supposed to have some credibility or at least pretend to if you’re going to be defending the administration on the news. Maybe next time, he could start with a lighter joke…one that’s not so funny seeing as how Americans are losing their jobs. Unemployment numbers came out today showing that unemployment is at a 26 year high…Still think the stimulus is working?
You know, when the VP or even worse, the Presidents own economic advisor, make statements like this, it’s awfully offensive. This is the advisor of economic policy to the POTUS and if they think the country is in good shape and the stimulus worked then this administration and President are more off than I could have ever conceived. Is it stupidity or is it plain arrogance or maybe they just don’t care? It’s the era of “hope and change” folks. Half the country took the bait and now the whole country is paying for their naivety!
This administration and democrats in congress need to forget about healthcare and fix the economy! I mean this is infuriating! Then again, how dare we bore the administration with real issues like this when he’s got better things to do…like make a plea on behalf of his corrupt cronies in Chicago to the Olympic committee! Which I may add…failed at that too!

What is it going to take for them to pay attention…or is it just maybe exactly what they want? Rahm Emmanuel, chief of staff, proudly exclaimed that a good crisis should never go to waste! I hope this is not true but every day I’m moving closer to that conclusion until I’m given a reason not to…like a plan to fix the economy. This time, if they do present a plan, we hope they will take it seriously! We want a real proposal, one that has the ability to work! Instead of creating a so-called ‘stimulus’ bill and throwing money at your political allies as payback, lets present real ideas like lifting the burden on small businesses in order for them to hire more workers. Small businesses provide 2 out of every 3 jobs in our country. Why are the unions more important to the President than small businesses who should have been the focus of the original bill? I’m sure you can answer that question yourself.
Additionally, we could suspend federal income taxes for 3-months so that the money goes directly into everyone’s pocket in order to “stimulate” the economy since that’s what a stimulus is supposed to do.
Via newsbusters, they correctly question the rationality;

Is this how the Obama-loving media are going to report today's terrible economic news: it would be worse without the stimulus package, and it will only get better if we pass healthcare reform?

It is clear that this President has all his priorities screwed up!



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