Sunday, October 11, 2009

SNL Mocks Obama Nobel Peace Prize Win

Saturday Night Live spoofed Obama on his Nobel Peace Prize Award. (video posted below)
There isn't much to say on this one except for the Nobel peace prize obviously being used as a tool by the Norwegians to weigh in on our policies. How much peace did Obama bring about in his first 2 weeks of Presidency which is when he was nominated for the Nobel award. Considering the last few winners of the prize (though I hesitate to call it a prize anymore as they have now tarnished the whole idea of it with this nomination and win), which included former VP Al Gore for his crap enviro-garbage BS and former President Jimmy Carter the 'peanut farmer' nut, I think its safe to say that this group is bias and clearly has their own leftist agenda.
Though it may not have been their intention, they have embarrassed the President and also proved many on the right to be correct in their assertion of Obama-mania.
Good going...!
That's all we stroke his ego a little bit more!



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