Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cuccinelli Stumps Shannon On AG Responsibilities | Like it

(you have to watch the video posted below, its absolutely hilarious when the candidate tries to avoid answering a question and this time, the audience doesn’t let it go)
Ken Cuccinelli (R), candidate for Virginia attorney general, came out on top after a recent debate against opponent Steve Shannon (D). During this particular debate format, candidates are given an opportunity to ask a question of their opponent. Ken Cuccinelli went first and asked Shannon to name each division of the AG’s office and explain what each does. If you are running for a specific position and asking your constituents to trust you, the least you could do is to research your would-be responsibilities and duties in that job. It would be one thing if you attempted to answer the question but the fact that Democratic candidate, Steve Shannon, avoided the topic all together shows his inability to properly prepare for such a position. Shannon always regurgitates the same message to the media having to do with Ken needing on the job training (which is absolutely ridiculous since Ken has experience as an attorney, small business owner, and on the legislature). Seems like Shannon doesn’t even know what the job entails! What’s that about on the job training Mr. Shannon? Yeah, try again.

I’ve met Ken Cuccinelli and I can personally tell you that he is a genuinely good guy who really cares about Virginia. If you add that to his record of standing up for the constitution and being fearless in his pursuit of doing what’s right, Cucinelli takes the cake!



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