Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whiners | WH Wont Stop Crying About Fox News

Because I am a good person (well at least that's what my friends tell me) I feel like I need to warn you in advance. The video posted below is 9 minutes of pure bull from the WH administration bitching about Fox News' coverage of the President. As you know, the first amendment is no longer in play; no one is allowed to report facts.
As you can imagine, CNN is on the WH ‘nice list’ unlike Fox News who is on the ‘naughty list’, who would of thought the President and Santa have something in common (bad case you didn’t get it, they have the lists in common…ha ha). After all, they are the network that fact checked the SNL spoof on Obama! Take note, how to get on the good side of this administration…display your willingness to promote the President and administration, even though you may be risking credibility and public embarrassment. Example… a major network fact checking a comedy routine. In their defense, maybe they didn’t know it was a parody?
Anyway, do they think that crying about unfavorable coverage will cause the public to sympathize with them? Someone should advise them to halt any future whining sessions. I pity anyone who has to hear this lady daily, talk about irritating! I don’t mean to be unkind but I want my 9 minutes back.
Question...were any of these people present or paying attention to the news in the past few years? Compare Bush's treatment to Obama’s and you will notice the incredible difference in coverage. Most of the media is in love with Obama while the coverage of Bush was hostile and disrespectful. The things that were said and done to him were an absolute embarrassment to the journalistic profession. It’s interesting that the same people who are crying foul now are those very same people who not only did not support Bush during the war, they were vicious and nasty. In some respects, I am happy that it happened because anytime these people want to whine to CNN or some other left-leaning news organization, I just think back to the treatment of the previous administration. Since the word ‘fair’ is thrown around by the left constantly, let’s be ‘fair’ and give Obama as much respect as was given to Bush. Though that would be fair, thankfully, we are not as disrespectful as the left. That being said, I don’t care if the President is a Republican or Democrat, I have every right to disagree with his policies and can choose not to support his plans! Furthermore, doing so does not make me racist so don’t pull that bullshit with me!

In the clip she admits to punishing Chris Wallace by skipping his show on the Presidents healthcare tour. On a totally different note, Britney Spears is trying to catch up to the President number of tours! Seriously, this guy is played out and it hasn’t even been a year yet.
The grab for state-run media is in full swing. Get ready folks…it begins with this, first they punish any dissent, then net neutrality which is socialism for the internet (which by the way has also begun), and last but not least…talk radio with the unfairness doctrine. We elected someone from Chicago, the city with one of the worst records of political corruption and now we are experiencing the methods in which they use to defeat their opponents. They use their powers, influence, money, or whatever to take them out of the game. Got to love the Chicago way!



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