Friday, October 2, 2009

And The 2016 Olympics Goes To...Not Chicago

Well it definitely didn’t go to Chicago...even after the President, his wife, and even Oprah tried to make a plea to the committee on the cities behalf. I guess the committee didn’t want some of that "change".
Wait...they didn’t bow down to 'the One'? Obama couldn’t convince them? I was sure that if the President made the trip to Copenhagen then in some back room deal, he had to have been told that Chicago would be chosen. Otherwise it not only makes the Presidency look small as he is dabbling in things beneath him, whats worse, it diminishes his effectiveness on the world stage. He looks weak. Others may try to diffuse this by stating that other leaders were also present and have gone in the past. As true as this may be, a United States President hasn’t and if we start trying to imitate other leaders then we wouldn’t be the most powerful country or the wealthiest either. Being the leader of the Free World is not the same as the King of Spain who was also in attendance or even their Prime Minister. With big roles come big responsibility and certain rules. Now if he had been successful, the blow wouldn’t be so bad. I would have still disagreed with the trip but if we were strictly dealing with public perception, it could be spun and your power would be left intact. With this...what’s the spin? The Leader of the Free World, the President of the United States, could not even get the Olympic committee to do something, how in the world is he going to convince rogue dictators to follow guidelines?
Right now, I can bet, the other countries leaders are having a good chuckle and a "serves him right" moment as I’m sure those who have met him, like Sarkozy, cannot stand his arrogant attitude.
On the other hand...the benefit may be that Obama needs to come back down to earth and a couple of times hearing the answer "no" may not be that bad!

Oh, and the way, the 2016 Olympics are going to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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