Monday, October 5, 2009

CNN Actually Fact Checks SNL Obama Skit | What The F?

I was originally looking for the Saturday Night Live spoof on Obama to post. I was beginning to write about how SNL finally mocked the President after a long time of favorable coverage, even while they mocked other political figures, they pretty much steered clear of Obama. Having watched this CNN video below, I am in utter disbelief that a news program would fact-check a comedy routine! All this time that SNL has been doing political parodies from Bush to Reagan, both Clintons, Sarah Palin on numerous occasions, CNN has never done a fact check prior to this. Did they fact check the numerous Palin spoofs where her comments were clearly taken out of context? Considering the above facts, one can only assume that CNN must be racist! Isnt that what the other side would cry out if the tables were turned so it’s the only conclusion that I can come up with.
I may be wrong because I don’t have the same access CNN has to worldwide information but I’m pretty sure that there are important things happening around the world that need some light shed on. If they were that hungry to fill their news slot then I’m sure they could have covered something news-worthy, say the protests and fraud still going on in Iran…maybe?
So CNN was already losing credibility but I’m afraid it’s declining at a faster rate than once thought! Last I checked, CNN was trailing behind Fox News (as always) but surprisingly, CNN was even behind MSNBC!
Advice to CNN, get your act together, your bias is showing and it’s ugly!
Alternatively, I find it kind of funny because it’s absolutely pitiful!



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