Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama's Afghan Surge Speech

I'll expand on the whole speech later but I had to make a few comments...
The whole speech was "I...I...I...I...I", I'm so great, I did this, I am great because of this. I understand this.
His speech was made to appeal to his base, the extreme left.
  • Stop blaming the previous administration for everything. Your the President. YOU CANNOT PICK AND CHOOSE...YOU CANNOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ALL THE VICTORIES BUT BLAME OTHERS FOR THE LOSSES.
  • He was asked for 60,000 troops but at the minimum 40,000...how did he come up with his 30,000 number? Why are going half-way? Why are you micro-managing the war when you have a competent general?
  • How do you announce a surge but then set a date for withdrawal? That gives our enemy some assistance. Why is he playing politics with the lives of our brave men and women in the military?
  • You don't insult and undermine their President in public at a time like this, you do it behind the scenes but you don't bash them when the whole world is listening. Why would you delibertly undermine is authority. Reprimand when the doors are closed.
  • Why did he infer that we are "occupying" their country? Is that what he really thinks?
Its all show and rhetoric, nothing more.
I'm so over it.
(more to come)



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