Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Glenn Beck | One of the Top '10 Most Facinating People'

Glenn Beck has been named among Barbara Walters (better known as “BawBa”) ‘10 Most Fascinating People of 2009’. The interview is going to shown on ABC next Wednesday, 10 pm ET.
Though he is the topic of conversation and attacked brutally by the media relentlessly, he manages to be quite successful. Beck is doing it big with two bestsellers on the NY Times List, his show on Fox News is num. 2, he is successful in his radio program, his ‘Bold Fresh Tour’ is sold out, and his stage show, “The Christmas Sweater – A Return To Redemption..LIVE!” which is playing in selective theaters around the country. Not to mention, he is the man responsible for outing Van Jones and other WH commie lovers like Anita Dunn.
Whatever your thoughts are on Glenn Beck, he is indeed intriguing. His personality is unlike any other. What I enjoy most about him is that he doesn’t seek the approval of others which allows him to be forward and real. He will tell you what he thinks without reservation and you may or may not like his opinions but you should respect that rare quality. My only issue with Beck is his continuous bashing of the Republicans as if they are equivalent to the Democrats, I understand what he is inferring but when you have to choose between mediocre and awful (awful referring to Dems of course), you definitely want mediocre. The Republicans are not supporting the Crap & Tax bill or the devastating Health Crap Bill. That’s an enormous difference in my book and one to praise!
Btw…Sarah Palin is also included in Wednesdays Barbara Walters Special.
(Walters is a total lefty but she sure knows how to pull in viewers for her special! A very smart move on her part as it guarantees her ratings to double if not more)



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