Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama Flicks off Mayor John Callahan? | Middle Finger x3

This is not the first time that this has happened and beyond it being something amusing to observe, from what I remember about body language, this gesture is not uncommon. I’m not directly referring to flicking off people, though I’m sure that is quite popular as well. I was referencing the whole head itching flicking off movement, which has now occurred on numerous occasions. Each time, the act came upon hearing the name of a rival or a fren-enemy.
For most people, this is a subconscious gesture signifying the hatred/dislike/anger of the person doing it and the person whose name they are mentioning. This makes absolute sense considering the first time Obama did this it was upon hearing Hillary’s name, then McCain’s, and now mayor John Callahan who by the way was a supporter of his opponent Hillary Clinton. Each of us has our own expressions that we exhibit unintentionally and can really provide insight as to how we truly feel. Obama's rhetoric is obviously pleasant because it has to be but body language says it all.

Whether Obama is conscious of his little flip scratch thing, I can’t really say but I can tell you that his head was not itching. Take that to the bank…jk

(Okay I just rewatched it and I'm so right! Pay close attention, not to words but to expressions, they’ll show everything, no matter how hard someone tries to hide it. He def. is holding grudges! That is too funny!)

I posted the videos of Obama flicking off McCain and Hillary below...

Notice how the crowd cheers after he flicks off Hillary...I'm beginning to think that it may be intentional. What do you think?




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