Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Krauthammer Criticizes Obama's "Flacid, Meaningless" Words on Iran Protests

As Krauthammer eloquently stated on Fox News Special Report, Obama is continuing to miss a moment in history, one where he has been offered a fairly good opportunity to not only assist Iranians gain democracy from a barbaric regime but as a result help our own country, the region, and the world in general.
Obama needs to come out stronger than ever in denouncing the current regime in Iran, preferably using the same ferocity and passion he uses to scold his political opponents. What will it take? How many times does the regime have to reject Obama before he understands that negotiations are impossible when dealing with impossible people. The United States has always stood for freedom in the past, its pretty pathetic that it has taken this long for him to come out but like Krauthammer, I refuse to clap and thank him for his statement. Its long overdue and was lacking. Get it together.
Free Iran.


Anonymous said...

At this moment, we are all Iranian!


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