Thursday, August 27, 2009

Truth About "Astroturf"...Ahem Pelosi

Silly-fun video that exposes the truth about the whole Pelosi b.s right wing AstroTurf garbage.

I attended a town hall rally and low and behold guess who the volunteers were...UNIONS! It was way too obvious that half of the people in support of the bill were there at the direction of a group like 'Healthcare for America' whose signs were being passed around. The opposition who are supposedly mob members were a lot less organized, their signs were homemade, and to be quite honest, they were more knowledgeable about the facts rather than spewing the left wing talking points which lacked substantive information. I'm not saying this to be rude but the people I spoke to in support of this health'fraud' bill said the same thing over and over, trying to argue a compassion plea but lacking any other information. If they did supplement their argument with facts (or so they thought), they were supposed facts because they came out of the Presidents mouth. Well I really dislike telling you this but um...hes kind of all talk and no show. Lets be wise, take a look into history, politicians LIE...surprise surprise. FDR lied about Social Security and led people to believe it was more of a personal savings account. It happens! That's one example out of many. You have to realize that its up to us and our investigative journalist to expose the truth. Unfortunately because the journalist seem to have dozed off on duty, its up to you and I to make decisions based on our own research and not because someone says its true. Do you go to the car dealership or buy a house without doing some research beforehand? You look into the neighborhood, you find out how much the other houses that are similar to it were sold for. You get an inspection to make sure everything is as they say it is. You do your homework! Well folks lets do our homework on this healthcrap bill! You'll have no one to blame but yourself...well maybe those slimy politicians too.



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