Friday, August 28, 2009

ABC & NBC Say No to Anti-Healthcare Ad

Wow...Via FoxNews,

The refusal by ABC and NBC to run a national ad critical of President Obama's health care reform plan is raising questions from the group behind the spot -- particularly in light of ABC's health care special aired in prime time last June and hosted at the White House...
..."The ABC Television Network has a long-standing policy that we do not sell time for advertising that presents a partisan position on a controversial public issue," spokeswoman Susan Sewell said in a written statement. "Just to be clear, this is a policy for the entire network, not just ABC News."
NBC, meanwhile, said it has not turned down the ad and will reconsider it with some revisions.
"We have not rejected the ad," spokeswoman Liz Fischer told "We have communicated with the media agency about some factual claims that require additional substantiation. As always, we are happy to reconsider the ad once these issues are addressed."
Adams objects to ABC's assertion that his group's position is partisan.
"It's a position that we would argue a vast majority of Americans stand behind," he said. "Obviously, it's a message that ABC and the Obama administration haven't received yet."

So basically Obama gets an hour long FREE time slot on ABC to discuss his healthcrap bill but a group PAYING for an ad in opposition on healthcare is way too partisan for ABC. Right. Maybe it would behoove ABC to force Obama's hour long infomercial to be reviewed for accuracy! Of course that would be too much to ask of a journalist and a news agency!


Mike said...

Doesnt ABC have a few of their old employees now working for the administration? Figures!
This is over and beyond anything I could have ever predicted!


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