Saturday, August 29, 2009

Michelle Bachmann Bites Back During Her Town Hall

You've got to loveee her response!!!!!

As the producer of the video states, I am also proud to have Rep. Michelle Bachmann in Congress as a defender of the constitution. She may not be my Congresswoman but she does stand up for conservative values at all times. This is one fearless lady! She tells it straight, she says what she means, and she’s not afraid to debate irrational liberals. I know Bachmann has plenty of haters, people who have nothing better to do than monitor her every movement and word in order to take them out of context. Thus they intend to make false allegations on those words they twisted in an effort to discredit her. Her opposition already tries to make her sound like she’s off the wall nutty. I’ll be honest with you; I was worried for a moment that they were going to attack Bachmann as they did Palin. Because she’s attractive, she’s republican, and not to mention outspoken, she's considered an enemy by those who disagree with her positions. Let us not forget Alinskys strategy or what’s better known as the modern lib handbook, their strategy is to isolate and ridicule which has happened already with immense persistence. Like a dork (I mean dork in the most complimentary of ways! Wanted to clarify, you never know when the PC police decide show up and begin issuing citations) I am absolutely into all things political and try my best to follow all issues as close as I can. So you can imagine that I was familiar with Michelle Bachmann. As much as I’ve heard her speak, watched her interviews, and am knowledgeable about her positions, it would be dishonest to act as if I know anything about who she is and her past qualifications. I decided I would find out more about her and its actually quite interesting. Not only is she intelligent, her and her husband are very compassionate people. Here are a few facts you may or may not know about
Rep. Michelle Bachmann:
-She has 5 children and has been a foster parent for over 23 children (that’s amazing)
-She received her J.D (law degree) and also her LL.M degree in tax law
-She served in the state senate from 01-07
-Her and her husband own a small business which employs over 42 people
-6th District in Minnesota and was elected for her second term in 2008
-Elected in 2006 as the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota
-She spent 5 yrs as a Federal Tax Litigator attorney working on hundreds of civil and criminal cases.

Sorry folks, she’s not only attractive, straight forward, fearless, but she’s intelligent and very considerate.


Samantha for Bachmann said...

Michelle Bachmann always speaks out when others are afraid to. She uses her voice to expose the left in Congress who try to get things past us.
True patriot!

Monkan said...

In total agreement with the above post!


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