Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rudy Advises Obama to 'Shut Up'

During an interview with Sean Hannity (video below), Rudy Giuliani discussed the Gates incident and advised the President to take the incident as a "teachable moment" (as he said so himself) and apply it to the future. The teachable moment,Giuliani answered, is to 'Shut up'. Clearly Giuliani is not telling the President to shut up but is advising him to shut his mouth when involving himself in matters that do not concern him. More importantly, refrain from publicly humiliating and degrading a police officer during an evening press conference in front of the whole country if you do not have THE FACTS. If a President goes out of his way to call you racist, how do you ever get away from that? Your name, your career, everything and anything you’ve ever done is tarnished from that point on.
After all, as an attorney he should know that you are innocent until proven guilty...on both ends! I believe that we should all know the facts and make our final conclusion based on the evidence we receive. Furthermore, we should always have respect for Police Officers.
Okay, Im done writing about this so let me get down to the nitty darn gritty of it all...Everyone should have respect for one another but most of all, we should respect authority. Follow directions, obey the law, and we can all be friends.
Anyways, I do like Rudy Giuliani despite the fact that I worked for his opponent during the primaries; I still like him a lot! He’s not afraid to be disliked, he’s tough, funny, and gives it to you straight!

Enjoy the vid!



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