Friday, August 28, 2009

MUST Read | Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin

Amazing! That’s all I have to say about Mark Levin’s FaH-Bu-Lous book, Liberty and Tyranny!
I must forewarn you that I am not yet finished with the book; I have about 30 pages left. I say that with an enormous amount of sadness as I am not ready for the book to end quite yet. It must sound silly but it’s honestly how I feel.
What the mainstream media wont report is the success in sales of his book. Since its release in March, the book has dominated the New York Times Bestsellers list. When’s the last time you heard any mention about this book on any of the networks? Don’t be fooled folks; they are fully aware of it which is why they choose to ignore it. Because the media can’t pick it apart and they certainly can’t disprove any of his facts, they have no choice than to essentially boycott it and hope that it goes away. In fact, Mark Levin has detailed and credited his sources for any naysayers! Unfortunately for them, we are not allowing them to dictate our beliefs nor will we allow them to choose our reading lists.
Well folks, Ill post my full review once I finish reading the book in it's entirety but I’m pretty sure you already know how I feel about it at this point. Simply amazing!

I’ll keep you posted as I finish the book!

Have you read it yet? Actually, I’m in search of my next book right now, any suggestions?



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