Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is the Real World DC | Remix

Real World DC, the remix...brought to us by
This does make an interesting point; if there were to be the congress version of a Real World DC it would probably make a shit load of money for the network, more than what MTV currently makes on their Real World Seasons for the simple fact that these clowns (i.e. Rangel, Reid, Baucaus, etc.) are far crazier, more manipulative, and have more mental issues than any of MTV's past Real World Seasons. In fact, if you combine the cast of the Real World Seasons add the cast of Jersey Shore, include even some of the crazys filmed during the drunk bar brawls, you still wouldnt be able to match the dellusion of these members of congress...and that in itself says A LOT!

"Coming this winter to C-SPAN:
The true story... of 535 politicians...picked to live in two together and their lives find out what happens...when Congress stops being polite...and starts secret, detailed negotiations on a sweeping, transformative health care reform bill...
This is the real Real World DC.
Featuring Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Rangel, Robert Byrd, Barney Frank, Max Baucus...and billions of taxpayer dollars."
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