Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow in DC...Again | Global Warming My Arse

Winter wonderland in D.C. again! We JUST got through the blizzard of '09! The snow from the blizzard hasn't even completely melted and now, more snow! Its coming down as I'm writing this.
Don't misunderstand, I love snow, not only because its beautiful and calming but because Al Gore gets proven wrong each and every time it snows here in DC.
(picture from last storm)
Umm...are we officially calling it climate change now?
According to Accuweather, its expected to be the coldest winter in 25 years...ouch!
Weird bit of info...Speaking of Mr. Al, wayyyy back in the day, I used to lived close to Al Gore in Arlington. ha. I totally forgot about that. Scary, right?



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