Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Game Change' | Bill Clintons Arrogant Coffee Comment

"A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee." - Bill Clinton

I did buy the book Game change though I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it publicly because it seems a bit slimy and gossipy…something I am def not…me gossip? Nevverr…okay 1x or 2x.
Haven’t gotten through it but let’s skip over the Reid comment, frankly because he makes me nauseous and smells, to address Clinton's comment with reference to Obama fetching coffee. Was Clinton's comment rude? Perhaps…is it offensive? Yes, if you are Obama and only if you're Obama. Otherwise, get the fudge over it. Its more of a personal slight towards Obama than anything else.

Defending Clinton is not something I relish in doing but these people in the media (particularly on cable news show) who are dismissing Reid’s imbecilic racist statement while trying to bash Clinton and throw the racism book at him are perversely incorrect or just pure charlatans clinging so tightly onto their hidden agendas.
Clinton spoke about Obama…Obama happens to be black and white…saying something rude about Obama doesn’t mean that it is in reference to his skin color. That doesn’t mean that people don’t make racist comments. For instance Harry Reid’s comment was pretty moronic and racist. But by attempting to decipher what Clinton meant by his comment, we begin to take on the role of the thought police. He said that Obama would have been getting his coffee a couple years ago. To me, that sounds like he was talking about his inexperience, his younger age, his thin resume, etc. After all, he’s not wrong, a few years ago, Obama was a nobody freshman Illinois Senator. To Clinton, this guy probably looked as if he were one of Clinton’s interns…wow I just fell into that didn’t I? (Well not one of those interns but you know what I mean...an intern not "an intern"...)

Nonetheless, fetching coffee is not racist unless you infer that the person is fetching coffee because of their skin color. If we start beating Clinton up about this then it sets a dangerous precedent for the future. What are we allowed to say? Are we allowed to even joke around anymore? Can we be rude without being racist?
What Harry Reid said was wrong, Clinton…rude, pompous, arrogant but I’m not in his head (nor would I want to be) to know what he meant by it and neither is anybody else. If you want to scold anyone, turn to Reid, if you’re over it (much like I am) then move on and write a blog about it or something.
By the way, I’m not white so I’m totally allowed to write about matters of race. Got to love these exceptions right? (being facetious)



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